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2016 New Year Fireworks in Wiesbaden

Originally we had plans to be in Mainz this year.  Honey Bear ended up having to work New Year’s Day so we decided to stay close to Wiesbaden.

Happy New Year Moji

I figure this would be a fun event to shoot.  Up to this point my attempts to take pictures of fireworks were total flops.

Traditionally, we tend to resign ourselves to safely watch the fireworks from a distance.  The Neroberg hill or any open hilltop would have served us just fine.  This year we decided to celebrate in the city – at our own peril!

I am simply amazed at how many people could purchase their own fireworks and then shoot them off in between historic buildings without a care in the world! We found a decent place to light our own stash near the hot spring in front of the Spital, before heading to the main area in front of the Kurhaus.

Wiesbaden Fireworks-3868

Wiesbaden Fireworks-3863

Initially we decided to wait near the statue.  Until we realized there were several pyromaniacs lighting their rockets and ground based fireworks behind us.  A misguided rocket from across the street whizzed over the head of a mother as she dived with her child just in time.  No one batted an eye.

Wiesbaden Fireworks-3881

Wiesbaden Fireworks-3880

Wiesbaden Fireworks-3893

My jaw dropped to see how casual the locals were about lighting their fireworks within a foot of their stash.  Nervously, we decided to move to a safer location!  Although I am not sure it was that much safer…  In front of us we witnessed fire crackers skidding beneath cars for their finale!

Wiesbaden Fireworks-3927

Wiesbaden Fireworks-3922

Wiesbaden Fireworks-3937

After the count down, I decided I wanted to get closer to the fireworks over the bowling green.  I knew I would need to make changes on the fly but I was hopeful.  And I’m pleased to say it worth walking into the fire zone for.

Wiesbaden Fireworks-3996

Wiesbaden Fireworks-4000

Wiesbaden Fireworks-4005

Wiesbaden Fireworks-4022

Wiesbaden Fireworks-4039

Wiesbaden Fireworks-4049

Wiesbaden Fireworks-4059

On our way home we cut through the park where I managed to snap the view over the water.  (There was a lot of haze from the fireworks so I wasn’t sure if it was going to turn out at all!)

Wiesbaden Fireworks-4082

There was one shot that I wanted to catch and I wasn’t fast enough for all night… a lit rocket about to take off.  Luckily away from the crowd a young girl and her mother were setting off their own stash along our path!

Wiesbaden Fireworks-

As I walked away I turned around and looked back to take a couple more quick snapshots.

Wiesbaden Fireworks-4101

I hope that this fun evening out was a sign of good things to come.  If nothing else, then I know next time it’s okay to bring your own bottle of bubbly.  Tuxedo, optional.  Fireworks not.  I’ll have to remember to bring a set for fun and a set for personal defense.

Next up is our Giveaway, where you can share your favorite moments in our Wandering Winkies group for a chance to win loot I have gathered on my adventures! 😉

6 thoughts on “2016 New Year Fireworks in Wiesbaden

  1. Vaishakhi

    The pics are beautiful! And the colours so vibrant! Lovely post

    1. Keep On Winking with Christi

      Thank you Vaishakhi!

  2. Amanda P

    I love fireworks and always take a ridiculous amount of pictures of them. That’s cool that you were able to go out and set off your own, though yeah it sounds a little dangerous lol. Last year (well I guess the year before last now) I was at a friend’s and we were on a balcony while our husbands set them off on the ground below us…one whizzed right by us and we decided it was time to watch from inside. The Neroburg would be a cool place to watch from. If you haven’t already, you might want to check out Heidelberg in the summer. They have a castle illumination and fireworks over the water, which you can either watch from the river bank or up on the Philosophenweg which is kind of similar to the Neroburg. Here’s a post I wrote about the event:

    1. Keep On Winking with Christi

      Amanda I enjoyed looking at your post, and it does look like a much safer option! LoL If I get an opportunity to go over to Heidelberg this summer I will keep your tips in mind. As for the ridiculous number of pictures – I love to take them but then there are just so many to go through later! Hopefully by the time I get to Heidelberg I will learn to take less photos. Or perhaps I will learn to shoot video like you did. 😉

      1. Amanda P

        Thanks. Haha yes, it would be much safer. Even if you can’t go during the castle lighting Heidelberg is still worth a visit. We used to live there prior to the garrison closing and us getting moved to Kaiserslautern. I’m kind of sad we never found time to go back before we came back to the States but hope to go back someday. Yes, the downside of taking so many pictures is definitely going through them later. It’s hard not to take too many of fireworks as it can be hard to get the timing right, but I do try to balance being present and taking photos so I don’t end up seeing everything through a lens. Video is a good option too, at least to take some clips so people can see what things are like actually watching them. Even still, I have thousands of pictures I still need to go through (which is part of why I’m always so behind on my blog).

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