A Vagabond in the Making

Today I found myself at one of my favorite spaces… the beach!

Which is somehow important to me now that we have been homeless for almost 2 months.

Homeless is not even the right word.

We have a home. It’s about 4,600 miles away.

It’s where my husband and 3 of my kids are.

And for the first time in our lives we have been divided not because of military service such as a deployment… but because the Passport office insists that a certain person who has never had an interest or participated in the life of a child they helped to make has to give legal permission for our family to be reunited.

So we tracked him down and now we are preparing to go do battle in the courts.

Yesterday I received some soul crushing information. It is more than likely we will go to court Dec 3rd and forfeit our plane tickets for traveling on accompanied orders.

While I understand that Space-A flights is an option for us after that, it does not mean that there is any certainty that there is availability… or that spaces aboard random planes are comfortable.

There probably isn’t anything I wouldn’t step in that a little duck tape can’t fix.

Yes I know. I will be grateful for whatever we can get, but this is Lil Man’s first flight.

Sometimes he has issues getting into an elevator…

My best plan so far is to keep treating everything as an adventure.

So far it’s working. It keeps our minds off of our forced separation.

But the unavoidable issue of the holidays is becoming grim…

Not only will we face the holidays without the comforts of our family… 2 birthdays, a Thanksgiving, and possibly Christmas

We will be “homeless” during the holidays.

While I am pretty sure our family can face anything together even if it meant camping in the woods indefinitely… I am hesitant to use the word homeless. Given the stark nature of the number of actual homeless families and vets wandering the streets, who have lost everything including their hope… I feel it is wrong to use the word in my situation.

Especially when so many friends and family members has opened their doors to us in our time of need.

Especially because we may not know when this separation will end, but we do know that it WILL end.

Maybe the word for us is Housing Opportunist?

There is something about giving up your possessions and becoming wanderers of the earth.

I’ve always wanted to be a wandering gypsy… just something I wanted to do on my own terms.

Until the next update I will raise my glass and keep looking for reasons to smile!




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