About Wandering with Christi

Life is an adventure!

It takes us to places we didn’t plan to go and teaches us things we never knew.

My adventure has transformed over the years from a serving in the Marine Corps, living a civilian life, and back into a military community as an Army spouse.  Soon we will have to figure out how to transition out of this life into a new one!  Being a part of the military community means we face interesting challenges on a constant basis that we are not always prepared for, but we figure a way to handle it anyway.

The thing is after facing so many obstacles, Life has a way of draining your energy!

I used to be an overly optimistic person and didn’t know the meaning of sarcasm or bitterness.  The experience of several horrible marriages, raising 4 kids under the taboo of a single mother in a conservative community, being on both sides of the “justice” system, and dealing with manipulative people I thought I could trust… really put a damper on my optimism.   To the point where I battled depression and suicidal thoughts….  It’s a dark day when you know you are no longer passionate about life.

But the adventure continues because I didn’t give in.  I figured out my reason to get up again and a way to become stronger.  In an effort to rediscover my life energy and heal I began sharing moments… honest moments.  Moments that become a part of a larger conversation about imperfections.  Moments where I learned to accept the world was not perfect and rediscovered my own humanity by traveling and observing the world around me with new eyes.  Now I feel that dealing with those obstacles better shouldn’t be a secret.

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Cool logo… What does this symbol mean to me?

With that purpose in mind it is my intent to share with you the things I have come across that help make me and my family more resilient.  I hope if you feel moved to inspire others to live their lives that you will consider sharing your own story and winks with us.  Take a moment and look to see What This Blog is About. I don’t have all of life’s answers but you are welcome to share your stories and wander with me while I figure it out. 😉

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