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What is this blog about?

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But what does it all mean?

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How should I Act

These posts are about handling real life.  We learn through the world and who we are by interacting with it.  These are essentially the lessons I am learning.

Sometimes I talk about handling depression, adhd, dyslexia, parenting wins and flops, you know… basic life skills.  I use these style of posts to talk about what drives me up the wall and how I learn to handle them.

Old S.H.I.T. posts can be found here.

How do You Live Your Life?

I can’t be the only person that’s learning to handle life! Or am I? This is your invitation to share your life lessons!

Through the Lens

This is where I focus on capturing the things that makes me happy!

Sometimes it’s about my life and sometimes it’s my efforts to capture a moment while wandering.

From time to time I like to share the world from a different perspective… through the lens of another wanderer!

Wandering for Winks

See Where We Wander with these posts! Lots of pictures to inspire you to take adventures of your own.  Everything ranging from day trips on a whim to a planned adventure.

I include travel tips if I discover that an area has surprised me with more than I imagined.  I also like to link travel guides and other bloggers who have a different perspective of the same trip!

Hmmm… What is the deal with the Happy Winkie or a Wandering Winkie hashtags floating around?

You know those winking emojis? 😉 That’s a happy wink. Winkie is a nickname I earned and later used as my life’s motto.  Now I use it to describe people making the world a better place, one wink at a time.  Unfortunately using it as a hashtag attracted the wrong kind of people to my social media accounts!  Um… yeah… Go ahead and laugh at my expense.

I’m still looking for something that I can use instead.  Until then I stick with #KeepOnWinking Read more at Happy Winkie.

Weekly *Winks*

I know my friends are busy and so am I.  When I’m not blogging, I’m either spending time with my family, writing, drawing, traveling… and in the pursuit of managing life a great deal that I planned to blog about, doesn’t post within a reasonable time.  Weekly *Winks* is my way of taking a mental health breather. I use these wrap-up style posts to catch us all up  on our life between posts and to share the winks that inspire me or simply help me find a moment of joy.

Do I have Giveaways?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I like to give stuff away! 99% of all the things I have given through this have been donated or purchased by me.  That’s right, if I really liked the product or I wanted to support a friend, I would pay for it. Give it away for free. Then pay to ship it. How many people do you know are willing to put their money where their mouth is? 

The truth is I have a collection of travel trinkets put aside for giveaways! I’m not sure how I want to do it or when I want to do it! Which means they come up quick with very little warning.  The best thing to do is Subscribe & Follow for updates.

Would I be open to a Sponsored Giveaway?

Yes. If you feel a connection with Keep on Winking, use the Contact Form. Especially if you have something related to or something that helps with;

  • Traveling
  • Postcards
  • Souveniers or Travel Trinkets
  • Capturing or Making Memories
  • Family Time
  • Mental Health
  • Stress Relievers
  • Self care

If this sounds like a beautiful relationship in the making, see Am I PR Friendly for more!

What should you do now?

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  • Blog.  Do you have something you want to say that will add to the conversation?  Did you wander somewhere and want to share your trip with us? Be a guest blogger! See what kind of guest blogger we are looking for.
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