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Casting Processes Comparison

  • Penetrant Testing to Detect Internal Defects in Castings

    Penetration testing (PT) is also a kind of non-destructive testing. Its basic principle is to use the good permeability and capillary action of colored penetrants or fluorescent penetrants to narrow gaps. After penetration, removal, and imaging treatment, the surface def...
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  • Detect Internal Defects in Castings by Ultrasonic

    Ultrasonic testing can find defects such as shrinkage cavities, shrinkage porosity, porosity, inclusions, and cracks in castings with simple shapes and flat surfaces, and can determine the size and location of defects. Ultrasonic testing refers to a method of injecting u...
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  • Three Kinds of Sand Casting Process

    According the difference of the sand used for making the casting molds, sand casting process could be divided into many different kinds, such as green sand casting, coated sand casting (shell casting), self-hardening sand casting and dry sand casting (lost foam casting a...
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  • Estimation of Steel Casting Prices Per Pound, KG and Ton

    In this article we try to introduce some information about the estimated costs of cast steel castings by weight. Actually both the costs of cast iron castings and cast steel castings have the similar factors which can decide how much we cost, such as complexity of castin...
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  • Top 100 Iron & Steel Casting Foundries in China

    The foundry industry is one of the basic industries of the entire industry. Casting plays an increasingly important role in the field of modern machinery. Many metal forming parts cannot be manufactured without casting. With the rapid development of China's machinery man...
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  • Casting Tolerances by Different Casting Processes

    Dimensional tolerance is an important factor when we choose the casting process for the desired castings. In ISO 8062 (corresponding to China's GB/T6414-1999) standard documents, the tolerance levels of casting dimensions are clearly specified. Generally speaking, the in...
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  • How to Choose the Suitable Casting Process for Cast Iron

    Cast iron, which mainly covers gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, cast mealleable iron and other high alloy cast iron, is widely used in RMC Casting Foundry. The cast iron castings play an important role in modern industries. To select the right and suitable casting proc...
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  • Different Casting Processes Comparison

    In this article, we try to introduce the difference and comparison between the casting processes via a table. We mainly introduce the sand casting, investment casting, shell mold casting, permernant mold casting and die casting. Hope they help you when you choose the sui...
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  • Lost Foam Casting VS Vacuum Casting

    Both vacuum casting (V process casting) and lost foam casting are recognized as the third generation of physical molding methods after mechanical molding and chemical molding. Compared to sand casting process, both of these casting processes use dry sand filling, vibrati...
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  • What is The Difference Between Investment Casting and Sand Casting

    The sand casting and investment casting are two main casting processes in modern foundries. Both of these two casting processes have their individual characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The sand casting uses the green sand or dry sand to form the mold before p...
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  • Metal Casting Process

    Casting is one of the earliest metal-shaping methods known to human beings. It generally means pouring molten metal into a refractory mould with a cavity of the shape to be made, and allowing it ...
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