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Brass Sand Casting Product with CNC Machining

Short Description:

Material: Brass C33500, C34000, C34500, C35300, C36500, C36000, C68700

Casting Process: Sand Casting + CNC Machining

Application: Machinery Spare Part

OEM Custom Service: Available

Unit Weight: 8.5 kg


OEM custom brass casting products by sand casting process in China sand casting manufacturer. Material certificate 3.1 according to EN 10204 is available.

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Brass is a kind and group of copper-based alloy with zinc as the main alloying element. Copper-zinc binary alloy is called ordinary brass, and ternary, quaternary or multi-element brass formed by adding a small amount of other elements on the basis of copper-zinc alloy is called special brass. Cast brass is used to produce brass for castings. Brass castings are widely used in machinery manufacturing, ships, aviation, automobiles, construction and other industrial sectors, occupying a certain weight in heavy non-ferrous metal materials, forming cast brass series.

Compared with brass and bronze, the solid solubility of zinc in copper is very large. Under normal temperature equilibrium, about 37% of zinc can be dissolved in copper, and about 30% of zinc can be dissolved in the as-cast state, while tin bronze In the as-cast state, the mass fraction of solid solubility of tin in copper is only 5% to 6%. The mass fraction of solid solubility of aluminum bronze in copper is only 7% to 8%. Therefore, zinc has a good solid solution strengthening effect in copper. At the same time, most alloying elements can also be dissolved in brass to varying degrees , Further improve its mechanical properties, so that brass, especially some special brass has the characteristics of high strength. The price of zinc is lower than that of aluminum, copper, and tin, and it is rich in resources. The amount of zinc added to brass is relatively large, so the cost of brass is lower than tin bronze and aluminum bronze. Brass has a small solidification temperature range, good fluidity, and convenient smelting.

Because brass has the above-mentioned characteristics of high strength, low price and good casting performance, brass has more varieties, larger output and wider application than tin bronze and aluminum bronze in copper alloys. However, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of brass are not as good as bronze, especially the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of ordinary brass are relatively low. Only when some alloy elements are added to form various special brass, its wear resistance and resistance Corrosion performance has been improved and improved.

Grade of Brass and Bronze from Different Markets
China Germany Europe International USA Japan
  Symbol No. Symbol No. Symbol No. No.
TU2 OF-Cu 2.004 Cu-OFE CW009A Cu-OF C10100 C1011
- SE-Cu 2.007 Cu-HCP CW021A - C10300 -
- SE-Cu 2.007 Cu-PHC CW020A - C10300 -
T2 E-Cu58 2.0065 Cu-ETP CW004A Cu-ETP C11000 C1100
TP2 SF-Cu 2.009 Cu-DHP CW024A Cu-DHP C12200 C1220
- SF-Cu 2.009 Cu-DHP CW024A Cu-DHP C12200 C1220
- SF-Cu 2.009 Cu-DHP CW024A Cu-DLP C12200 C1220
TP1 SW-Cu 2.0076 Cu-DLP CW023A Cu-DLP C12000 C1201
H96 CuZn5 2.022 CuZn5 CE500L CuZn5 C21000 C2100
H90 CuZn10 2.023 CuZn10 CW501L CuZn10 C22000 C2200
H85 CuZn15 2.024 CuZn15 CW502L CuZn15 C23000 C2300
H80 CuZn20 2.025 CuZn20 CW503L CuZn20 C24000 C2400
H70 CuZn30 2.0265 CuZn30 CW505L CuZn30 C26000 C2600
H68 CuZn33 2.028 CuZn33 CW506L CuZn35 C26800 C2680
H65 CuZn36 2.0335 CuZn36 CW507L CuZn35 C27000 C2700
H63 CuZn37 2.0321 CuZn37 CW508L CuZn37 C27200 C2720
HPb63-3 CuZn36Pb1.5 2.0331 CuZn35Pb1 CW600N CuZn35Pb1 C34000 C3501
HPb63-3 CuZn36Pb1.5 2.0331 CuZn35Pb2 CW601N CuZn34Pb2 C34200 -
H62 CuZn40 2.036 CuZn40 CW509N CuZn40 C28000 C3712
H60 CuZn38Pb1.5 2.0371 CuZn38Pb2 CW608N CuZn37Pb2 C35000 -
HPb63-3 CuZn36Pb3 2.0375 CuZn36Pb3 CW603N CuZn36Pb3 C36000 C3601
HPb59-1 CuZn39Pb2 2.038 CuZn39Pb2 CW612N CuZn38Pb2 C37700 C3771
HPb58-2.5 CuZn39Pb3 2.0401 CuZn39Pb3 CW614N CuZn39Pb3 C38500 C3603
- CuZn40Pb2 2.0402 CuZn40Pb2 CW617N CuZn40Pb2 C38000 C3771
- CuZn28Sn1 2.047 CuZn28Sn1As CW706R CuZn28Sn1 C68800 C4430
- CuZn31Si1 2.049 CuZn31Si1 CW708R CuZn31Si1 C44300 -
- CuZn20Al2 2.046 CuZn20Al2As CW702R CuZn20Al2 C68700 C6870
QSn4-0.3 CuSn4 2.1016 CuSn4 CW450K CuSn4 C51100 C5111
- CuSn5 2.1018 CuSn5 CW451K CuSn5 C51000 C5102
QSn6.5-0.1 CuSn6 2.102 CuSn6 CW452K CuSn6 C51900 C5191
QSn6.5-0.4 CuSn6       CuSn6 C51900 C5191
QSn7-0.2 CuSn8       CuSn8 C52100 C5210
QSn8-0.3 CuSn8 2.103 CuSn8 CW453K CuSn8 C52100 C5210
BZn12-24 CuNi12Zn24 2.073 CuNi12Zn24 CW403J CuNi12Zn24 C75700 -
BZn12-26 CuNi18Zn27 2.0742 CuNi18Zn27 CW410J CuNi18Zn27 C77000 C7701
BZn18-18 CuNi18Zn20 2.074 CuNi18Zn20 CW409J CuNi18Zn20 C76400 C7521
- CuNi10Fe1Mn 2.0872 CuNi10Fe1Mn CW352H CuNi10Fe1Mn C70600 C7060
- CuNi30Mn1Fe 2.882 CuNi30Mn1Fe CW354H CuNi30Mn1Fe C71500 C7150
T3         Cu-FRTP C12500  
TAg0.1 CuAg0.1       CuAg0.1    
HPb63-0.1 CuZn37Pb0.5            
HPb61-1 CuZn39Pb0.5         C37100 C3710
HAl77-2 CuZn20Al2       CuZn20Al2 C68700 C6870
HSn70-1 CuZn28Sn1       CuZn28Sn1 C44300 C4430
HSn62-1 CuZn38Sn1       CuZn38Sn1 C46400 C4620
HMn58-2 CuZn40Mn2            
QAl5 CuAl5As       CuAl5    
QAl7 CuAl8       CuAl7 C61000  
QAl9-2 CuAl9Mn2       CuAl9Mn2    
QAl10-3-1.5 CuAl10Fe3Mn2         C63200  
QAl10-4-4 CuAl10Ni5Fe4       CuAl10Ni5Fe5 C63020  
QAl11-6-6 CuAl11Ni6Fe5            
QBe2 CuBe2       CuBe2 C17200 C1720
QBe1.7 CuBe1.7       CuBe1.7 C17000 C1700
QZr0.2 CuZr         C15000  
QCd1 CuCrZr       CuCd1 C16200  
QMg0.8 CuMg0.7            
ZQSnD5-5-5 GB-CuSn5ZnPb       GCuPb5Sn5Zn C83600 BCln6
ZQSnD10-1 GB-CuSn10       GCuSn10P    
ZQSnD10-2 GB-CuSn10Zn       GCuSn10Zn2   BCln3
ZQAlD9-4-4-2 GB-CuAl10Ni       GCuAl10Fe5Ni5 C95800 AlBCln3
ZQAlD9-4 GB-CuAl10Fe       GCuAl10Fe3 C95200 AlBCln1

Capabilities of Sand Casting moulded by hand:
• Max Size: 1,500 mm × 1000 mm × 500 mm
• Weight Range: 0.5 kg - 500 kg
• Annual Capacity: 5,000 tons - 6,000 tons
• Tolerances: On Request or Standard
• Mold Materials: Green Sand Casting, Shell Mold Sand Casting.

Capabilities of Sand Casting by Automatic Molding Machines:
• Max Size: 1,000 mm × 800 mm × 500 mm
• Weight Range: 0.5 kg - 500 kg
• Annual Capacity: 8,000 tons - 10,000 tons
• Tolerances: On Request.
• Mold Materials: Green Sand Casting, Shell Mold Sand Casting.

Materials Available for Sand Casting Foundry at RMC:
• Brass, Red Copper, Bronze or other Copper-based alloy metals: ZCuZn39Pb3, ZCuZn39Pb2, ZCuZn38Mn2Pb2, ZCuZn40Pb2, ZCuZn16Si4
• Gray Iron: HT150, HT200, HT250, HT300, HT350; GJL-100, GJL-150, GJL-200, GJL-250, GJL-300, GJL-350; GG10~GG40.
• Ductile Iron or Nodular Iron: GGG40, GGG50, GGG60, GGG70, GGG80; GJS-400-18, GJS-40-15, GJS-450-10, GJS-500-7, GJS-600-3, GJS-700-2, GJS-800-2; QT400-18, QT450-10, QT500-7, QT600-3, QT700-2, QT800-2;
• Aluminium and Their Alloys
• Other Materials as per your unique requirements or according to ASTM, SAE, AISI, ACI, DIN, EN, ISO, and GB standards

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