Weekly *Winks*

Winkies’ Wrapups Dec 3rd

Hello Winkies,

Today we spent the day in downtown Wiesbaden.  We spent almost 45 minutes looking for parking.  In the past …

Winkies’ Wednesday Wrapups Nov 4th

Hello Winkies,

In an effort to be more consistent with my blog writing I joined Sarah Arrow’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge.  …

Dear Winkie

Dear Winkie,

I was thinking about changing our homeschool’s name to something with a Star Wars reference.

Conferring with Neko he thought …

Where we wandered in April 2015

Dear April,

With camera in hand I went out with an intention of taking pictures of our life with you.
I discovered …

Are you a Happy Winkie?

Are you a Happy Winkie?

Winkie is actually a nickname given to me in the Marine Corps based off my my maiden name.

One day the …

What to do with Quail Eggs

I decided to order Quail eggs.  It had been awhile and I saw a really good deal for them… …