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Every Fairy has a Home!

Sometimes Field Trips are not always what they seem.  Sometimes things do not go the way they were planned… or sometimes the spontaneous push to get out and see the world just fizzes…

On this particular day, I was begging to get out of the house and against my better judgement decided to take the gang to the Zilker Park Botanical Gardens

during the last week of SXSW… Uggh!

That will teach me…

Fairy Walk 2Anything that could go wrong and put me in a sour mood, did.

Traffic? Check!

Terrible Parking? Check!

I made a bitter decision to never go here again until they build a dedicated parking area or at least safe passage to and from the botanical garden.  We ended up crossing a very busy street with children in tow… I was not happy!

Cash only admittance? No ATM on sight? More driving around to find ATM’s that didn’t work?  I am just not motivated to repeat the effort or the experience.  I am entitled to an off day, right?

Oh yeah… so once we were inside we headed over to the Japanese Gardens where we were approached by someone who decided that this was also a great place to shoot a musical video.  No signs anywhere.  No heads up… Ggrrr!

* Breathe *

Finally working our way around, I had to admit I was in a very bad mood and that the day’s outing was a total failure. I am pretty sure I had a black cloud hanging over my head on this fine day.  I tried not to let it show but I think it was obvious…  Thankfully that didn’t keep the kids from enjoying the day out.

Fairy Walk 1As we were walking along one of the paths we began to notice something that began to pick my spirits up again where they belong…  A beautiful Fairy Walk!

Fairy Walk 3We let our imaginations take us from one to the next…

and there was definitely *squeals* of delight!

Fairy Walk 4Can you imagine these homes filled with fairies?

Fairy Walk 5Which ones is your favorite?

Fairy Walk 6So all said and done, a walk among the fairies was definitely a mood buster. 😀

When we arrived home, the girls went right to work and made a fairy trap out of legos…

< Nice way to capture the magic! o_O > and insisted on watching Tinkerbell movies…

The moral of this story is…

Not everyday works out the way you imagine it will,

but sometimes if you allow it to, something better happens!

Fairy Walk 7

* We believe in fairies… Do you? *


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