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Everything Shiny and New at Camp Humphreys!

Living overseas has its ups and downs.

There is no guarantee of living comfortably because each person has different expectations. The only thing more difficult than adjusting to less than what was previously available to a person, is the promise of something better. It’s hope dangling on a string. Sometimes funding gets cancelled or reprioritized but we must make do with whatever leadership decides. It can be pretty agonizing as a military family to hear about plans that take seemingly forever to implement! That’s why right now it feels like everyone is getting tickets to Disneyland. That’s why we are celebrating with every Grand Opening that is happening here at Camp Humphreys! This is victory for the community!

I know members of the military community are coming and going everyday. Some of you have left without seeing the results and some of you are getting ready to come out this way and want to know what’s waiting for you. A lot of projects on post are at the cusp of completion, and I hope that by checking out the sections below you will feel as I do; that things at Camp Humphreys are changing rapidly for the better.

Camp Humphreys New Exchange

Shortly after arriving at Camp Humphreys we were invited to cut the ribbon at the opening of the new PX!

Coming from Germany we had an Exchange in Wiesbaden that maybe was half the size of this one!

If you want to see more details from the event please go to the Garrison’s page at Camp Humphreys opens a grand new exchange.

What’s it like to have a new shiny Exchange?


The first day felt like a Black Friday event. The excitement continued the rest of the week with several notable celebrities.  One of the events during the week was a balloon drop and shoppers occasionally had the opportunity to spin the wheel for an opportunity to win a discount on that day’s purchases!  I thought some of the larger giveaways could have been handled better by making sure winners had to be present to win. Maybe instead of a large check, a timed shopping spree would have been more fun for everyone?  I have nothing to complain when it comes to customer service. I did run into a problem with a coupon at checkout but I waited patiently to talk to the manager and things were cleared up.


My only personal disappointment is the choices in clothes for bigger kids, tweens (12-18), and the thinness of winter apparels compared to the men’s section.  Overall I think everyone at the new PX is doing a good job offering families overseas the comforts of home.

Camp Humphreys New Commissary

On February 10, 2018 the new commissary opened. It is touted as the largest overseas and I believe them. When I arrived here I was shocked to see that the commissary was so small! It was roughly a little bigger than a stateside gas station store and definitely smaller than the one on Hainerberg, Germany. I was impressed to see how quickly the commissary employees worked to keep the shelves stocked in such a small place. All while keeping a good attitude. I am sure those guys and gals deserve a lifetime award of some sort. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Here are a couple of videos I made to share with you all. The first video covers some of the highlights from the cultural activities that celebrated the opening of the commissary.

The second video is a quick tour of the commissary with the kiddos on opening day.


What’s it like to have a new shiny Commissary?


There are brands here I haven’t seen in ages. The new commissary reminds me of HEB back in Texas and I loved shopping there! So kudos to those who listened to the community and worked to bring this place into reality! Sandwiches to order? Check! Full service meat department? Check! Delicious cupcakes to tempt me and the kids! Check! Klondike bars in every flavor that I have only ever seen in magazines? Check! You probably don’t realize it in the video above but it is really us waltzing down the aisle in loving adoration.


I am in trouble. The new commissary has all of the things I am hungry for and that is why I know I am going to spend more money here than I planned to!

More to Come…

First I want to each of the hard workers behind the scenes that made all of this possible! Your team work and dedication over the years is the legacy of Camp Humphreys. I am in awe of what you have accomplished.

I’ll continue to update this page with all the changes taking place at Camp Humphreys.

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