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My Favorite wandering *winks* in Mainz

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing where we wandered in Mainz on this recent trip!

In case you missed it;

Walking in Mainz

  • Part One-St Augastine Church
  • Part Two-Mainzer Dom and Gutenberg Museum
  • Part Three-St Christoph’s memorial
  • Part Four-St Stephan and Marc Chagall’s stain glass windows
  • Part Five-Zitadelle and Stadthistorisches Museum Mainz
  • Part Six-Romisches Theater and Roman Antique Ships Museum

I had so much fun snapping pictures and checking out Mainz with Neko and a local friend!  Have you visited Mainz and found anything interesting? Let us know! We plan on going back to at least check out this Niko Niko TEI sushi place next to Shakespeare and Sons bookstore.

In the meantime,

Here are my favorite wandering *winks* I found in Mainz on this trip;

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