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February’s Ten Minute *Winks* with an Irritated Zombie ;)

The telephone rang.

I picked it up and listened to a cheerful woman tell me that I was depressed.  There was a good chance I was gaining weight.  I would need to revisit the lab to make sure.  Oh and could I cut back on the coffee?

That was a week ago.  I laughed it off.  I’ve been gaining a steady 5 pounds per year.  Which I’m pretty sure I can chalk up to the sugar in my coffee and the bad pastry habit I’m struggling with.  I get that we are living in a season without sunlight to nourish our souls but it can’t be that bad, can it?  People live here and you never hear anything bad happening to them.  I mean if there was a rampant vitamin D deficiency, we would know about it.  Europeans are notorious for health and wellness spas.  Wouldn’t we have heard something about a Sunlight Spa by now? Seriously. If that’s really a thing, please let me know so I can ask my doctor to change my prescription or give me a referral!

At first I tried to follow the well meaning woman’s instructions.   But somehow depriving me of coffee in the morning only decreased the likelihood of being functional.  It also increased the intensity and amount I felt I needed to drank in the afternoon to make it for it.

I discovered that if I wanted to avoid being an irritated zombie I need to nip it in the bud with coffee and lots of sugar first thing in the morning.  That first sip in the morning is everything I need to help me make sense of myself and get my act together!

That and taking ten minutes each day to appreciate the little things helped.

Here are a Ten Winks that kept me sane this week

1. Last week a friend hooked me up with a copy of People I Like to Punch in the Throat.  It’s a book I’ve always meant to read but never got around to until it wound up in my hands!  Perfect mood buster.

2. I have a couple of friends who are Food Truck Aficionados.  While scoping out the latest in tantalizing treats one of them came across an awesome pink unicorn sticker from Turbo Bao.  Made my day!

3. The week started off with Lil Man’s birthday.  I worried for about a month that I wasn’t doing enough.  Probably because I was organizing photos and came across the neat cakes and parties thrown for him in the past.  It didn’t help that I follow several fancy cake businesses that remind me that I could be doing more… if they weren’t booked for the week/weekend that I needed a cake.  Then I remember how much works goes into them and how much of it ends up in the trash.  I decided to let him take the lead.  In the end we kept it simple.  Despite burning down the birthday banner on his cake or finding out that maybe one of the cakes wasn’t suitable for children, he loved it. Winning.

4. The next day a friend who went with me to my graduation in Atlanta a couple years ago re-shared the video from her timeline.  Totally made my day remembering that I actually did important things. I did it. I won my race.

5. I don’t know why TED talks inspire me.  Maybe it’s something to do with being intellectually stimulated.  Maybe before Humans of New York, this was insight into humanity that I connected with.  Either way, Shonda Rhimes: My year of saying yes to everything, hit the spot this week.

6. This week the blog article that inspired me the most was Why Family Traditions Matter (Plus 15+ Ideas To Get You Started) from Mommypotamus.  I’ve tried most of these thing in the past and I never really saw them as traditions per say.  The one I like the most? The Happiness Jar.

7. There is some universal algorithm that seems to sense I love unicorns.  So this week it was these Unicorn dipped strawberries.  Too much work but if I saw this at a sweet shop I would be all over it!

8. Finally the book that I loved from my 2016 bookshelf is Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.  Basically it boils down to figuring out what your Shit Sandwich is and eating it.  I know, spoilers. Sorry.  So is this article with 11 tips to being more creative;

Fear is boring, and other tips for living a creative life

9. Sometimes we all need a reminder that someone cares, like this student from Troy High School;

10. Or that we will be loved even after we are gone;

Regaining consciousness between these winks and a steaming brew, I crawled out of my cranky zombie brain and realized that we haven’t gone anywhere in the last 4 weeks.  Either because the sun wasn’t inviting us out or because someone was under the weather.  Maybe that’s why I’m sluggish.  These crazy heaters have cooked my brain and the house is sabotaging me, telling me there is so much to do at home… when in reality I’m wanderlust deprived!

Maybe all I really need is to find a caffeine anonymous self help group!  Preferably one that likes to meet at an outside patio cafe.  Maybe convince someone with a camera to get on the train with me and get off at a random stop, just to see what’s there!

OR, Maybe heading to the lab to figure out if there is something to this doom and gloom of winter blues is a good idea after all.

In the meantime what kind of winks keep you going?

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