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First Day Hike

Across my Facebook feed popped up an invitation to start the New Year right with a little hike.  Back in the states hikers were heading out to take advantage of their local National Park terrain.  There was no reason we couldn’t participate in our own way, right here in Germany.

Well there was one reason.  The weather was cold and overcast.  And wet.  Somewhere in my brain I heard a voice telling me to stay indoors.  A voice that reminded me that the warmth of my pajamas and comfort of my house was where it was at today.

Then the voice inside my camera spoke up and urged me on.  How could I resist?

So up to the Neroberg we made our way, where our first stop was the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Elizabeth.

Here inside you can find the 19-year-old princess who died in childbirth, along with her baby who later died that year.  It’s plain to see that Duke Adolph Nassau must have loved his wife and spared no expense in creating this lasting tribute.

From there we went up to the hill-top.  We walked a trail at a speed that left me breathless.  But then again it was my own fault that I kept stopping to take pictures and then jogging to catch up!  As much as I hate running, it looks like I need to include extra cardio in my exercise this year. 

Once we made it back to the car, we realized we had enough time to head back down into town for a little tour and refreshments.

With every trip into town I always seem to learn something new or find a new place I need to visit.  Places I wouldn’t have known about – even though they were right there in my face!

All in all it was a great way to start the year. 😉

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2 thoughts on “First Day Hike

  1. Kalyn Morse

    That church looks so beautiful and I’m feeling like I have to see it in person. Google maps says its a two hour drive for me, logging it as a day trip! Thanks!

  2. Jennifer McMillen

    The church is amazingly beautiful! Sad about his wife and baby. 🙁 Glad you had an amazing time… even though it is freezing cold and wet!

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