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Happy Lunar New Year! Interpreting What the Heavens have in Store for You.

Whizz! Bang! Pop!

Happy Lunar New Year!

I love periodically looking up my horoscope and zodiac sign. I don’t put a whole lot of stock in it but I do find it interesting when it does a good job expressing parts of myself that I don’t normally share. If our focus is being more aligned to our truest self, we need to take time to think about who we are. Ponder what our values means to us and what our values look like in action. We do that by asking ourselves questions. One of the ways I like to do that is by using like the zodiac or the Myers Briggs, and most recently my enneagram type, to check in with myself from time to time. There are certainly people who take this way more seriously than I do. I simply cannot go all in because I don’t believe these signs or tellings are set in stone. They certainly are not guarantees for a good or bad fortune. I do believe they are cues generations of humans have used to help them understand not only people around them but also themselves. 

What does your horoscope really say?

They are there to make us feel better about ourselves and give us hope, but using these as tools has a fatal flaw. They are super vague about how to actually go about making changes in our best interest.

“You are lucky with your initial investment but it could quickly turn south if you are not careful.”

Um. yeah. But WHY? Can we talk a little more about it and the best way to handle that? For some reason we never learn what to actually do about it…or what an out of whack version of us looks like. It always seems it is about the best version of ourselves but never acknowledging our worst selves. Meaningful change only happen when we know what we are working with. And we really cannot perceive spiritual advice as helpful when it neglects to address the situation we are in. These signs and spiritual indicators are at best, generalities.

How can you make your sign or type work for?

For me it works something like this. If I read something that rubs me the wrong way, I ask myself why. If what I am reading is simply unfamiliar to me, I ask if these are qualities I want to embrace. Our response is a huge clue to the type of action we need to take. If you feel annoyed or upset, don’t justify it. Allow yourself to feel all of that. Dismissing or overly rationalizing it, doesn’t allow you to process it. What if it doesn’t feel right? Or if it doesn’t make sense? Simple. No emotion is needed. Whatever information or lack of information is there, I don’t need to waste my time or energy to mock it or justify it. It simply is not what I need at this time.

Keep in mind the information and feedback you receive from using these kinds of tools there are meant to be inspirational. They are not meant to be blueprints for your life. Use them to ask questions that make you check-in with yourself. You them as inspiration. The real work comes from you. You will have less regrets by learning to respect your own intuition.

This is the Year of the Rat

Specifically this is the year of the metal rat. This is a great year for trying new things. Exploring new hobbies and putting your creative energies to good use. If this is the year of your zodiac animal, be aware that your fortunes are not so beneficial to you. Apparently when it is your year, you come to the attention of the God of Ages and could easily offend him. As for me I will be washing my hair and doing my laundry which are said to be unlucky. If my luck turns sour this year we will all know why. In the meantime I’ll try to appease the gods by making mandu. If I can’t find the ingredients, I know a good Chinese place that will be happy to accommodate us. Although I am pretty sure that will make the Keto Gods unhappy. How will you harness the Lunar New Year?

Want to learn more? I came across a straightforward explanation for my personality that for me was pretty much on point. According to this I am an Earth Goat. What’s your Zodiac Animal?

If you are interested in doing more here is a homeschool post on celebrating the Lunar New Year

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