How do you Live your Life? Your invitation to be a Guest Blogger

The focus on this blog is about living life, without judging. That no matter how imperfect it may look to one person it actually has its own kind of balance that works.

To that end I generally share my own struggles and how I face it with a touch of humor. I talk about local events, homeschooling, and traveling.

Which is why I welcome readers or guest bloggers to share a post featuring how you overcame something you struggled with.  How did you find your peace?  What did you do to keep going?  What inspires you to keep on winking?

Basically I am accepting  submissions that show the diverse way we live our lives.  Once upon a time I was a single mother in Okinawa.  I was far from home and disconnected from the support of my natural family.   I was lost and overwhelmed when a group of ladies took me in.  They shared their family’s stories and traditions with me by bringing me into their homes.

Through them I got a chance to see how they ran their household.  I saw their parenting philosophy first hand.  I saw the effect it had on the children.  I saw things that I liked and things I knew wouldn’t work for me.  I witnessed that each family had different priorities.  I learned to make parts of their philosophy my own.

It is because I have had the privileged of seeing wisdom beyond my years by being a part of their lives (at what I feel were critical moments) that I am asking you to think about sharing your own philosophy and way of life to help lend some perspective to our diverse community!

We love posts that make us aware of new things or gives us tips that we can use!  Here are some ideas for your submission!

  • A snapshot of your daily life.  This could be a journal entry or a photograph that captured a moment that represents you and your family!
  • A cause or idea that is important to you.  I tend to make a point to keep politics off this site.  However if you are truly passionate about a certain cause or idea and you can find a balance way to inform us about it – you are welcome to submit it for consideration.
  • A hobby or project you are passionate about.  I get a great deal of joy from seeing what my crafty friends are up to! You can tell us the story behind the project that inspired you.  You can share with us a DIY with pictures or video.  You can simply send in your latest artistic rendering!
  • A Wandering Winkie adventure.   Where have you wandered to lately?  What did you discover? You can share a hidden gem in your neck of the woods.  A trip to the corner store. Or take us with you to remember the highlights of your trip around the world.  Let us see something through your eyes!

Sounds like your kind of tea party? Take a look at the A Winkie Disclosure to see what kind of posts we are currently looking for.  Then use the Contact Us page to let us know what you want share!

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