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Let your Light Sparkle ;)

Who has inspired or encouraged you in your life? Did you ever tell them?

I am inspired by authentic people (whether I agree with them 100% or not) sharing real moments and feelings. Why? It seems like we live in a society that bullies or tries to destroy any one who is imperfect or portrays a weakness. They in essence make themselves vulnerable to speculation and then hordes of dissenters rain down in an effort to squish out their light.  A light that someone else is begging to see…

People who are introverts but go out of their way to do an act of kindness – for nothing in return… with no hidden agenda other than to do good in the world.

People who have faced great loss or a tragedy… but have the courage to get up again and battle the impossible.

Sometimes it can be a chance meeting where they pass on some valuable words or advice and then I never see them again.

Sometimes it comes in the form of a friend, colleague, or mentor who calls often and reminds you it can be done. Sometimes it’s a look on a battlefield with some one you know has your back.

Sometimes it’s a child (yours or someone’s else) and sometimes it’s the spirit of a child we see in some one that gives us permission to be ourselves and become something greater than we were before.

Sharing one of the images from one of my favorite places for inspiration…

Facebook Page: Your Inner Sparkle

Your inner sparkle



2 thoughts on “Let your Light Sparkle ;)

  1. Kimberly Kline

    I have found that many times in my life the people I look up to, admire, or who have helped me in different ways are often the ones that do it quietly. They lead by example. Not by shouting “look at me” or even thinking they are they “best”. You have said it well Christi!!

  2. Smellyswainsrus

    You inspire others girl. Always have and always will. Miss Ya!

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