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2020 Update: Life as a Postcard

I really dropped the ball on the 30 day postcard challenge. 

Says me, three years later.

What happened? Things needed to be taken care of at home. As the mother to four, I hope you can understand how busy our daily lives can be. However, I still want to make a deeper connection with each of you. As life continues to change and takes us in different directions, I understand how much we need to stay connected!

The goal of the original challenge was to write and send more postcards/greeting cards/ letters to friends and family.

It turns out I really suck at that.

I did buy a bunch of cards but they never made it to the post office. This time, instead of attempting to do something that doesn’t work for me, how about we share snapshots of our lives? Things in our everyday adventures that make us happy…Postcard-like moments we can immediately send out and share?

This group will be a daily invite to share something good that happened to you, something you saw or experience, or something good you did for someone else. Are you working on a goal or a specific 365 day challenge? Did you finish a book and loved the way it made you feel? Did you go for a walk and saw something that made your heart a little happier? Come and share your adventure with us!

Look. Everyday in 2020 I will be checking in and sharing my daily wins. I know we are all busy and I do not expect everyone to participate everyday. So check in when you can weekly or monthly. Either way I would love to see and hear from you all!

Ready to Keep on Winking with me? Good.

Let’s do this.

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