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2020 Update: Life as a Postcard

I really dropped the ball on the 30 day postcard challenge. 

Says me, three years later.

What happened? Things needed to be taken care of at home. As the mother to four, I hope you can understand how busy our daily lives can be. However, I still want to make a deeper connection with each of you. As life continues to change and takes us in different directions, I understand how much we need to stay connected!

The goal of the original challenge was to write and send more postcards/greeting cards/ letters to friends and family.

It turns out I really suck at that.

I did buy a bunch of cards but they never made it to the post office. This time, instead of attempting to do something that doesn’t work for me, how about we share snapshots of our lives? Postcard-like moments we can immediately send out and share. I created a new group where we can share our struggles and our wins, as they really are.

What if Postcards were more than a Celebration of your Trip?

In the past, I would send postcards that said Hey! How are you? I am sending you a postcard from this cool place and I was thinking of you. I am pretty sure there was a rule about sending an interesting tidbit in every postcard. Which works fine if you are traveling. But what if we were to send postcards from the point of our everyday lives.

What would you write about then?

Everyday there are unsung moments. These moments make-up or reinforce who we are. Let’s write about the thing that made us smile. Let’s write to each other about the goal we failed at and then how we got back up again and had another go! Let’s write about how we crawled into our beds for a week and didn’t have the strength to move. Let’s write how we are working on that thing, however big or small, we think helps us stretch us into being better human beings. Together we can share snippets of how we are growing. And how we can give space to others.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Crappy things happen and making the most of a bad situation is my super power. Or maybe it is knowing how to get back up again after your world falls apart. Either way, I know the secret is acknowledging the good with the bad. If life is being unfair, call it out. Say why you think it is unfair. Don’t sugar coat it. At the same time, don’t let it consume you. Take a deep breath. When we are consumed by the dark moments in our life, we overlook the good. This is completely natural…and dangerous for our well-being because our brains are easily reprogrammed with whatever we are consumed with.

My Personal Goal for 2020

Which is why everyday in 2020 I will be checking in and sharing my daily wins. By actively sharing these moments I am not only giving you a window into my soul and inviting you to celebrate the little things I find meaningful to me, I am also actively reprogramming my brain to acknowledge the things that I value and reconnect with who I am. For as many days as possible, I will share the moments I am grateful for. You are welcome to hunt the good stuff-daily, weekly, or monthly with me.

Ready to Keep on Winking with me? Good.

Let’s do this.

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