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Living In Between

Wong Fu Productions has put out a couple of interesting videos. I came across ‘In Between’ and I did a full stop.

Oh my gosh! I’m actually lucky that I didn’t have friends make jokes about Asians like this. My friends accepted me as Christi and I saw them for who they were as well.

But I suddenly became aware that I was Asian when I asked a boy out. He said it was because I wasn’t his type. *Burn*

I went through a similar identity crisis. Only then did I hear the “jokes” and understand the racist comments.

I stopped participating in these kind of jokes. It wasn’t funny any more. My kids are technically multigenerational Asian Americans and I’m proud to say they don’t know these jokes. I hope one day all Americans can say the same.

At some point I finally figured out I was an Inbetweener and it gave me permission to be myself and not seek appoval from others.

It”s also given me a multidimensional perspective on life and our communities, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. And you know what, even though this specifically talks about Asians, I think there are many who can identify with being an Inbetweener.

Expats who have or are trying to assimilate into their host country’s culture.

Military and contractor families who are assigned to live in a foreign place.

Thank you Wong Fu Productions for sharing your InBetween story.👏👏👏

It reminds me that being an American is more than a stereotype. Each of us expresses our Americanism a bit differently and each of our experiences are valid.



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