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Mainz Walking Tour-Part Six

Traveling down from the citadel we rounded the corner to view the Romisches Theater ruins.

Then we made our way to the Museum for antike Schiffahrt or the Roman Antique Ships Museum.

Notes about the camera:  I found myself loving how the camera handled the trip!  I still have a few things I need to figure out but I can see myself eventually investing in the most recent version.

Notes about the tour:  Even though I have popped into Mainz throughout the year, I found it was easy to get turned around.  Surprisingly the tour straightened me out!  It not only put the city into a context I could understand but helped me to understand why Wiesbaden and Mainz are so different.

The whole experience makes me more enthusiastic about sharing Mainz with those who visit us in Wiesbaden!

Thank you USO Wiesbaden & Kevin the Historian for a Wonderful Tour!

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Walking in Mainz

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