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What would your Mom do for a Unicorn?

I feel it’s essential that I set aside materials for the minions to make art, random sketches, or write books on a whim.

However.  I am a bit concerned… Last month I introduced the girls to an entertaining graphic novel, Phoebe and her Unicorn.

Rosa found it too weird and not cute enough for her taste. Probably because we are homeschooled and a lot of the public school scenarios escape her.

Lila absolutely loved it!

So much that she was inspired to draw her own comic… She was very excited to share with me her work but left some of the comment balloons empty. I asked her what was going on…

She said this is about a 10 year old girl that asks Mom if she can drive a car…

Trading Mom for her car


Neko took a look and asked me if I really would trade my car for a unicorn.

The truth is… Yes. Yes I would.

…and now because I strongly suspect the art rendered expresses my daughter’s deep desire to drive off with my car and I am not prepared to explain to my husband why there is a unicorn parked outside – please excuse for a moment while I find a place to hide the keys.

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