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Oh The Place We Go!

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One of the things I found on my adventures was a little something that brightens my day.

Street art!

It’s like a surprise made just for you.

A reminder that in a world that seems beyond our control, art is the answer to break all barriers.

It’s also a reminder that art isn’t always commissioned.  It’s not always found on a flat platform and it’s not always seen… and it’s a pleasure for our sense when we find it in the moment we least expect it.  It enthralls me. For me it’s a symbol of someone trying to express their humanity.

A recent trip to Berlin opened my eyes to beauty of street art.  I was a bit sad that there was so little of the wall left, and it’s original art work.  I did think the East Side Gallery was nicely done, with commissioned art work on one side and a exhibit of other “walls” in the world on the other side.

It was only after we crossed the street that we came across a different kind of street art that spoke to me.

Berlin's spirit street art
Keep on Winking @ Instagram: A little something that captured the essence of Berlin for me!

How odd that it wasn’t sanctioned by anyone and yet how fitting to the essence of Berlin.  The feeling of things changing, evolving, and yet the flow of life must go on.

It especially speaks to me because all of those iconic photos we see people take… are a little bit of a lie if we omit them.  When in reality they are a part of everyday life!

So for this month, whether you are traveling abroad or walking around in your backyard, take a picture of any art you come across!

Yes. I do mean any.

Participating in this link-up means we are willing to wake up a part of ourselves and seek out details we normally would ignore.  Sharing what we find is part of the experience and help each other recognize the little details we miss… so we are more encouraged not to miss them the next time around!

Commissioned or wild.  Art you like, didn’t like, or thought was weird.

Whatever you found that interested you or confused you… Show us the world of art through your lens!

This Linkup is available August 6 – Septemember 6, 2016

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