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Overcoming My Writer’s Block

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A couple of months ago I was ready to bring some new ideas to my blog.  Suddenly my blog wanted to me know something important.  First I had to succumb to the delusion of a local zombie flu.  My blog haunted my dreams while I lay sick in bed.  Lingering on the verge of death I finally decided to crawl my way to what makes for a sick bay in Wiesbaden.  Armed with antibiotics and seasonal allergy meds I made a speedy recovery.

There was only one problem.  I was unable to write.

Well, Okay. Maybe what my writer’s block needed was a little getaway.  So without much ado we found ourselves in the Black Forest.

It was calming.  It was a powerful re-centering experience.  It was liberating in many senses… but it didn’t help my writer’s block one bit.

It was only at that moment I realized that my blog was trying to channel through me.  There was of course only one answer for this.  I needed to strengthen the signal.

I moved furniture.  I spiritually cleansed my file cabinets.  I read books.  I scribbled down random thoughts attempting to form a picture from the broken clues.

Finally in-sync with my blog spirit I saw the problem.  The first was learning to expand my vocabulary was doing nothing to help me overcome swearing! All my efforts reminded me that swearing was simply an easier tool to get my point across!

The second problem was if it failed to bring me any value, what kind of value was it bringing to you?

Noble in theory but it was only a stepping stone to something better!

My blog spirit wanted me to ponder the story of community and the themes I am passionate about sharing.  The core of which is having the strength and courage to live our lives.  A key part of that is reflecting and remembering the good in the world.  It’s also about remembering to be curious and connected to each other.

Recently that lesson has been brought home to me.  I had a bit of an emergency this week.  I was more anxious about certain things being taken care of and two friends came to my aid.

I didn’t expect it because the military can be pretty transient.

Putting down roots can be a struggle when you know you will be moving on in 2-3 years.  I have found the best way to adapt and survive is to make the best of things and depend on no-one.  The only one you have to rely on is yourself.

But this is not a way to thrive.

Which is why I was overwhelmed by the kindness shown to me this week.  It caused me to reflect on others who have been there for me in the past.  It reminded me of the impact I have had by being there for others.  It reminded me that I do have an inherent community.  The truth is you who are family and friends (and every reader who has wandered here and stayed) have become my support system.

I don’t think I really understood how important it is to reach out on a regular basis, until I moved away from every traditional support system I ever had.

My blog spirit continued to speak with me and to remind me that I wanted a more creative way to keep in touch with my friends and family.  It reminded me that we are at our best when we share our perspectives, our struggles, and our adventures.  We are our happiest when we help each other to grow and we feel we are in a place where we are supported in our endeavors.

We give and we receive, and our community benefits.

Which is why I have finally figured out a way to stay connected over miles and between time differences…  I need to be selfish and ask you to take an active role in my community.  (If I am being completely honest, you are key to my mental health.)  I am asking you to make an honest effort to stay connected because I miss you.

I miss seeing the world through your eyes.  I miss hearing about your adventures.  I miss meeting up with you and I miss our conversations! Being with each of you reminds me of who I am.  It’s an opportunity to remind me what’s important.  It’s an opportunity for me to grow.

And as we let our own light shine Marianne Williamson

So you see, I’m doing this for completely selfish reasons. I’m asking from a selfish place… but I hope you will want to be here for your own selfish reasons!  That perhaps being here and giving me opportunities to connect will become the same opportunities for you.

For that reason my blogging spirit guide insists on cutting back on the giveaways.  Instead it demands a small sacrifice.  A tribute in the form of a postcard (or something with your own personal touch) and in exchange I’ll send back a little love token of my own!

Your postcard can share a place you have been or would like to go.  You can send a picture of your own making, a piece of a project you are working on, or something that is uniquely you!

In the meantime keep an eye out for these upcoming events on the blog;

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This will be a scavenger type post. I’ll have a theme each month to encourage you/us/me to keep looking for reasons to smile or what is keeping your outlook on life fresh.  

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Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Let’s skip the vocab.  These type of post will includes topics that irritate me or make up angry… and stuff I curse about on occasion.  It’s my personal flavor of therapy at the moment.  I don’t know if it will entertain or help you, but maybe talking about it will help me work through it?  I would appreciate it if you commented with articles or thoughts that you feel would add to the conversation.

Bookish Fever

I like books. I like book reviews. I like book clubs. What are your favorite reads?  Tell us what you loved about it and who should read it.

These will be revolving linkys or linkups that will last for two weeks at a time.  (If for some reason you are unable to link up or upload a picture, feel free to share it in the group.)

Thank you for conspiring with me and understanding that this is a work in progress.

Do you know what a linky is?

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  1. Amy

    I’m in! I do need your address though.

    1. Keep On Winking with Christi

      Sweet! Sending it your way!

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