Am I PR Friendly?

Do I have the capability to put ads on my page?


The real questions is, do you want a continuing relationship or a one night stand?

This might be weird to you because it’s generally more acceptable to discuss a media kit and a pricing list. Obviously I’m not that kind of blogger.  What I am proposing is a more honest and personal relationship. A more mutually beneficial arrangement.  If you make the effort, so will I.

First you need to know most of the sponsored reviews and giveaways I have done to this point, are products I enjoyed doing and believed in.  For that reason they will stay on my blog as long as they have value.

They also represent the commitment I’m willing to make away from other things that are important to me.  For that reason I highly recommend that you submit a guest post or be open to an interview.

If instead of a guest post you need a product review, I need you to specify if you want the follow-up guest post from myself or one of my readers.

Send me the following information with your proposal;

  • Does your product/service/content relate to the topics and themes of this blog?
  • Are you willing to submit a guest post or interview showing that connection?
  • Is your guest post of value to my friends?
  • Have you reviewed A Winkie Disclosure?  Do you want your post under a general guest post, or do you want to be associated with a specific theme?

So far everything sounds good? Great!

The biggest question I have is, what is the longevity or life-span of your campaign?

To be completely honest, right now I simply don’t have the large amount of traffic for a very short campaign.  I’m more interested in the value it will have during and after the campaign has ended.  Which is why I prefer the guest post option.  However if you prefer buying Ad space, send me your proposal, with any requirements you have, and a request for a price list.

Fair Payment Options

  • Donate to a charity. Please include at least 2 suggestions for group members to vote on and the amount that will go to a good cause.  At the end of your guest post or interview, I’ll indicate how much you gave to the charity in their name.
  • Contribute to a travel or mental health fund.  This is a great way to highlight a cause or destination near and dear to your heart.  If you don’t have one, message me for my favorites!
  • Donate a gift. I am always looking to give an item for a giveaway or creating a gift box.  I typically use Rafflecopter and will keep an open mind if you prefer a different app or different method of selecting the recipient.

Depending on what you expect and what you are giving, I might be open to doing a review or giveaway for free.  You might simply be more comfortable with paying a fee.  If so I am open to discussing it with you

If who I am and what I do resonates with you, I look forward to hearing from you!

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