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Remembering Daisy

*** Warning this is a Sad post ***

Here is a little Pre -Intro to the Real Blog

I have to confess,
that death doesn’t affect me the way it might for others.
Maybe its because I compartmentalize it.
Maybe its because when I see a dead body its because I know their spirit is no longer there.
(Thanks to picking up road kill and seeing decomposed bodies as a Police Officer)
I know that what I see now – this is not essentially them.  It is their mortal shell they have cast off.
Regardless I am always sad to see a life taken ~ Truly.
I know that if the said person was my own child
I would grieve.
So how do you tell this to a child?
and again I have to confess,
I did not cry for our dog.
I cried for my grieving child,
for his pain and his loss…
Last Sunday we came home from visiting with friends, and my oldest child went out to check on the dogs.
They have an automatic feeder, but sometimes it runs low. Neko loves to spend time with them.  He came back and told me how our 5 month old Black Lab mix, who is usually a bouncing ball of energy was laying down and not responding at all.
He had seen her this afternoon and nothing was wrong.  I asked him a couple of questions that caused me to suspect what I already knew.
So I went out to see for myself.
and  confirmed the worst.
Daisy had passed,
for no reason what so ever.
We suspect it might have been a Scorpion bite,
as we already ran into a couple babies in our house.
The other three kids wanted to see that Daisy had died.
I did not let them.
We talked about her.
My 3 yr old was telling the twins that Daisy was very much alive,
as if I was trying to trick everybody.
The only thing I had was All Dogs Go To heaven, courtesy of Netflix.
The kids watched the movie and then we prayed for Daisy and then the kids were able to go to bed.
After 3 days of the moping and crying,
My oldest was crying every 5 minutes and was a ball of lifeless mush.
He wanted to be with her so much – he wanted to go where she was right now.
We received such an outpouring of Love on Faebook,
and when I shared those with my son,
they really did help him feel better.
We even used Daisy as one of our journal writing topics last week,
here is the twin’s Language Art journals;
I asked if he wanted to write in his personal journal,
(When he writes in his journal I don’t correct his grammar. or tell him to write a whole page, or make him rewrite anything.  Its a safe place to write about what he feels.)
and then let him share it on my blog.

  He liked the idea, and so blogging has not only been therapeutic for me, but for my son as well.

Here is his blog for Daisy;
I have a dog name Daisy she wus the Best Dog eveyr we had fun.  one Day we came back and my Dog Daisy wus Dead and I will never forgit her in my live.
Day we brought Daisy home
(I’m having a hard time transferring photo’s from Nick camera, but I will post when I figure it out)

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