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Cruising the Rhein River

I believe that every moment,

is an opportunity to grow together or grow apart…

So when Honey Bear asked in May where I would like to go for our date, I knew exactly where I wanted to go!

I was delighted that the camera and the weather worked beautifully together to become one of our favorite memories…

As you can see the Rhein River Cruise is not expensive and one you shouldn’t miss if you decide to come for a visit!

4 thoughts on “Cruising the Rhein River

  1. Stacey

    You were lucky to have such a beautiful day too, the weather in Germany is so unpredictable. I’ve cruised down different parts of that river a dozen times, the last time was Father’s Day back in 2012… a few days before the movers came to pack us up. We went on a “wine run” buying cases of my favorite wines to bring back to the US. My son found a lost wallet and we returned it to its owner and he made my sons day by giving him a reward. I love all the little wine towns, festivals, hikes and castle ruins that can be found along it… Speyer, Oppenheim, Bingen, Koblenz and my personal favorite Rudesheim, oh how I miss thee Rudesheim and that beautiful Christmas Markt. But my favorite ones are the towns on the Mosel, Cochem, Bernkastel Kues, and Traben Trarbach. And you’re right, its a really cheap date too.

    1. Happy Winkie

      Someone the other day told me they were bored the whole time they were in Germany. My mind was blown! There is always something to do. In a couple weeks Christmas Markt will begin. The question is will I be able to visit them all?!!

  2. Shan

    Love this! What beautiful pictures!

    I’ve seen river cruises advertised but they tend to show the ‘night life’ instead of beautiful scenery.

    A great idea!

    1. Christi

      Thank you, Shan! I agree. I think I would go on more cruises if they spent less time advertising the party scene and more about what I can expect to experience at each of their ports!

      P.s I think your friend is on the right track. 150 may be in my future. 😉

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