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Sweet Honey Iced Tea, I went to the gym


I have no idea what possessed me to decide that two weeks before we leave for Korea , I should try to go back to the gym.  Probably something to do with trying to establish a good habit so that it will be easier to stick with it.  Or it is because we have once again become a one car family, and that means I found myself near the gym on the military post every morning.  Dropping off my husband and wondering why I didn’t take advantage of the free gym.

Yeah. So why not?

I will tell you why.  Talking yourself into getting physically fit, while in the middle of the move, is generally not a good idea.  The first reason is because it will consume you.  It will take hours out of your day.  You think you will be running on a treadmill for 30 minutes, and then BAM! Muscle memory will kick in and your body will give you some mixed signals about how good this feels.  Keep going.  Two hours after you leave the gym feeling real good about yourself.  See? I can do this!  The next day when you are loading and unloading the vehicle, you realize how sore you are.  What was I thinking?  Now what? Do I work through it or do I rest until the soreness goes away?  Then like some crazy addict who totally forgets what a day of workout will do to you, you find yourself going back for more.  Except, this time you are feeling like weak sauce-because your muscles remembered what you did to them and they are not ready to forgive you.  Yet.  The second reason is because your chances are pretty good that you will meet a trainer, who will tell you that everything you thought you knew about exercising is pretty much wrong.  Oh, and that your life could change if you gave up sugar and eating out.

Doesn’t he know that I’m running on pure sugar and processed foods right now?  That my ability to make a meal from scratch comes down to how tired I am at the end of the day?  I really did try to be good since meeting with him, but today has been a bust when it comes to making all the right choices for my health today.  I am not saying that I regret the lovely fried chicken or the frothy sugary delight of a Butter Beer Brittle Frappuccino.  I am saying I don’t think I can commit to a healthier diet and making better choices right now.  Also I think I decided this sometime after the salt bath and right before hydrating with the last couple of bottles of Belgium cherry beer.

To be fair, I am aware that I might feel differently about all of this in the morning.  Especially since I made plans while I was on my workout high to meet with the trainer again next week.

While I ponder the wisdom of starting a new habit that prevents me from staying up all night to read or write, I want to get on here and give you a little warning.  I have collected a few things on my travels that I’m excited to share with you.  So get ready for a couple of back to back giveaways!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Honey Iced Tea, I went to the gym

  1. Amy

    ThiS is too funny! Are you still keeping up with it?

    1. Christi

      Not this week! I need all my energy to go towards this move!

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