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    Living In Between

    Wong Fu Productions has put out a couple of interesting videos. I came across ‘In Between’ and I did a full stop. Oh my gosh! I’m actually lucky that I didn’t have friends make jokes about Asians like this. My friends accepted me as Christi and I saw them for who they were as well. But I suddenly became aware that I was Asian when I asked a boy out. He said it was because I wasn’t his type. *Burn* I went through a similar identity crisis. Only then did I hear the “jokes” and understand the racist comments. I stopped participating in these kind of jokes. It wasn’t funny…

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    Through the Lens 7/16

    Welcome to our very first ‘Through the Lens’ post! This is a scavenger type post that will run through the rest of the month.  With a focus on mental health and personal well-being. When this Linky runs  it will have a subject or theme.  Hopefully one that will inspire you to think about what makes you happy, and one that will encourage you to take the time to capture those memories.  What is a Linky? It is a method where you can grab a URL or upload a picture that adds to the conversation. Memories that might not mean as much today as they will later on… When I was in…

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