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The February 28 Day Life on Paper Challenge

The 2017 Challenges is off to a good start! I’ve recently added a Life on Paper Instagram account to support the group.  In my previous post I talked about the goal of the challenge is to write down our memories at least once a week… or to write down a few snippets of our lives via the monthly prompts.  You […]

Postcards from Life

Oh The Place We Go!

August’s Link-up, Through the Lens 8/16, is here! One of the things I found on my adventures was a little something that brightens my day. Street art! It’s like a surprise made just for you. A reminder that in a world that seems beyond our control, art is the answer to break all barriers. It’s […]

Life Quotes Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Truth S.H.I.T

I recently spent some time creating quotes about truth.  Why?  Because I feel there is an overwhelming amount of irritating propaganda posing as truth.  I’m talking about the kind of stuff that stands on such a weak foundation, it is afraid of an honest debate.  Instead of communicating and strengthening communities, it’s the kind of […]

Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Mental S.H.I.T.

Ladies and Gents and Wanders abound, we gather here today on this fine and possibly imaginary sweltering sun to gossip about all things twisted up in our heads.  If you are interested in Linking with us, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind: You can use this meetup to bring awareness […]

Weekly *Winks*

What does this symbol mean?

Symbols used & Why: The unicorn represents innocence, purity, and healing. The dragon to show the defender & the protector. The phoenix to show that no matter the trial we will rise again. Each symbol was placed in the Sam Saeg-ui Taegeuk. A Korean Yin Yang symbol that represents heaven, earth, and humanity. The Unicorn […]


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