• Postcards from Life

    Cooking with Chef Jan

    Now that we have our Spargel from the market (see last week’s post), it’s time to head to the lovely Chef Jan’s kitchen to see what we can do with it! Thank you for watching!   I had a lot of fun shooting these videos with my friend Chef Jan.  The hardest part came down to figuring out how to take 60 minutes worth of information and cut it down to 6 minutes or less-there simply was too much personality in the room to pack into such a short time.  Then again, that is why cooking with Jan is such a joy! Hopefully you enjoyed the way they turned out-I certainly did! Like…

  • Postcards from Life

    Shopping for Spargel with Chef Jan

    “You know what we should do?” “What?” “We should make a video-about spargel!” The idea seemed so easy at the time.  But when the Good Idea Fairy visits you and your friend in a charming unassuming French cafe, you take it all in with your cup of coffee and you get down to business making a video about a vegetable. Of course I have never done a video before, so there was a bit of a learning curve.  One where hours of frustration resulted.  Mostly with trying to get a highly recommended video editing program to work without crashing.  After losing hours of sleep I ended that relationship.  And since…

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