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    Happy Lunar New Year 2021

    This year has certainly looked differently than past years. Instead of trying to out do the last celebration, the last party, most of us have taken this opportunity to slow down. Hopefully some of us are using this time to spend time with our families, either in person or through the tools of the modern era. The change is harder for some to adjust to. For others, it’s an old hat we wear. our family falls into the latter category. We were looking forward to moving physically back to the United States, to regain a sense of normalcy. To experience the American culture in its entirety. And when COVID shook…

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    February’s Ten Minute *Winks* with an Irritated Zombie ;)

    The telephone rang. I picked it up and listened to a cheerful woman tell me that I was depressed.  There was a good chance I was gaining weight.  I would need to revisit the lab to make sure.  Oh and could I cut back on the coffee? That was a week ago.  I laughed it off.  I’ve been gaining a steady 5 pounds per year.  Which I’m pretty sure I can chalk up to the sugar in my coffee and the bad pastry habit I’m struggling with.  I get that we are living in a season without sunlight to nourish our souls but it can’t be that bad, can it?  People live here and…

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    What was YOUR Sweetest Day Like?

    Seriously. What is Valentine’s Day really about? Why does this horrible holiday make it so hard to show that you care? You can have all of the details come together perfectly… and then you wonder… did I buy enough? Will they like it? Will the roses die in my car before I get home? Should I pick chocolate and flowers up on my way home and risk the vendor being out of what I had my heart set on? Each year I tell myself, okay this year will be different… and it kind of is. Then we end up standing in an hour long line at our favorite restaurant and…

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