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    What was YOUR Sweetest Day Like?

    Seriously. What is Valentine’s Day really about? Why does this horrible holiday make it so hard to show that you care? You can have all of the details come together perfectly… and then you wonder… did I buy enough? Will they like it? Will the roses die in my car before I get home? Should I pick chocolate and flowers up on my way home and risk the vendor being out of what I had my heart set on? Each year I tell myself, okay this year will be different… and it kind of is. Then we end up standing in an hour long line at our favorite restaurant and…

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    Truth S.H.I.T

    I recently spent some time creating quotes about truth.  Why?  Because I feel there is an overwhelming amount of irritating propaganda posing as truth.  I’m talking about the kind of stuff that stands on such a weak foundation, it is afraid of an honest debate.  Instead of communicating and strengthening communities, it’s the kind of stuff that empowers people to heckle and tear vulnerable-everyday-imperfect-people apart. Simply put, propaganda is a highly polished art form used to emotionally move a group to act on principles and beliefs they want internalized… even if it is against the best interest of the group in question.  Once it’s been internalized, it tends to show up in…

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    Why I Survived Depression and Choose to Live

    Wow. I ran across an emotional post from a year ago. (Down the Rabbit Hole) A post that had ties to a more difficult time. I realized I left a lot of things unsaid. Mostly because I wanted to be a 100% sure I had moved passed it before I talked about it. I discovered that depression is not something you can give up when you’ve had enough.  It was easier to ignore and live with it.  It was like a friend who comforted you by telling you the world was a cruel place.  You shouldn’t dare hope for anything better.  This is all there is. Except I do remember…

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