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    Happy Lunar New Year 2021

    This year has certainly looked differently than past years. Instead of trying to out do the last celebration, the last party, most of us have taken this opportunity to slow down. Hopefully some of us are using this time to spend time with our families, either in person or through the tools of the modern era. The change is harder for some to adjust to. For others, it’s an old hat we wear. our family falls into the latter category. We were looking forward to moving physically back to the United States, to regain a sense of normalcy. To experience the American culture in its entirety. And when COVID shook…

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    2016 New Year Fireworks in Wiesbaden

    Originally we had plans to be in Mainz this year.  Honey Bear ended up having to work New Year’s Day so we decided to stay close to Wiesbaden. I figure this would be a fun event to shoot.  Up to this point my attempts to take pictures of fireworks were total flops. Traditionally, we tend to resign ourselves to safely watch the fireworks from a distance.  The Neroberg hill or any open hilltop would have served us just fine.  This year we decided to celebrate in the city – at our own peril! I am simply amazed at how many people could purchase their own fireworks and then shoot them off in between…

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