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    Seoul Searching the Best Cafes in Seoul

    One of the things I love about living in Korea are the beautiful cafes. Every time I visit Seoul, I try to find a one or two cafes I have heard about. Occasionally I come across one by pure accident. I don’t even mind going alone because I like the way a cafe can recharge you and make you feel human again. Besides giving me a place to collect my thoughts, I love the way they add character to the neighborhoods they are in. While there is an abundance of cafes in Seoul, I did find a few places underwhelming with their over overpriced drinks and overly hyped marketing. Happily, I…

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    Seoul Searching in Frankfurt

    Tracking my friend’s fight into Frankfurt, I knew my self-acclaimed vegetarian friend was miserable.  What better way to erase the bad memories of several delays and a tray of glop, then to welcome her with one of her favorite dishes?  Whisking her away from the airport we attempted to drive downtown to find a healthy Korean joint I had heard about.  At first we had trouble finding parking until we realized we were near The English Theatre and the Oper Frankfurt. I had heard it was small and it was best to order for pickup, but we decided it was worth it to wait for a seat. Basically we came to SeoulFood for…

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    European Seoul Searching

    One of the things I did when I first came to Germany was look for a good Asian restaurant and grocery store.  I will take almost anything resembling Asian if it is good, and in some cases when I’m truly desperate, but what my heart wants most is the comfort of authentic Korean food! If you think I’m crazy for expecting Korean food in Germany, then you really don’t the range of diversity that is in Europe! Which is why you will find that it is not hard to find an Asian or Korean dish offered in most places.  However after two years I was beginning to think I would never find a place…

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