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Cooking with Chef Jan

Now that we have our Spargel from the market (see last week’s post), it’s time to head to the lovely Chef Jan’s …

Shopping for Spargel with Chef Jan

“You know what we should do?”


“We should make a video-about spargel!”

The idea seemed so easy at the time.  But when …

Mainz Walking Tour-Part Six

Traveling down from the citadel we rounded the corner to view the Romisches Theater ruins.

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Then we …

Mainz Walking Tour-Part Five

The Mainz Walking Tour continues!

Next it’s up to the Zitadelle…

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and the Stadthistorisches Museum Mainz.

This …

Mainz Walking Tour-Part Four

The Mainz Walking Tour continues!

I’m not very big on churches.

Usually if you have seen one, you’ve seen them all.  As you …