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    I Survived Amsterdam

    The other day I was picking up groceries when I bumped into a Mermaid.  I mentioned that I was interested in seeing Amsterdam but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make it a family or a solo trip. “I wouldn’t mind splashing my fins in the canals again”, she sighed as she plucked a piece of seaweed from her hair. Hmm a girls trip would be a nice break from the stress of planning and guiding my minions through another busy city.  What could be more magical than a unicorn and a mermaid wandering the streets of Amsterdam?  Little did I know I would end up carrying 30 gallons…

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    How Bad do YOU suck at Traveling?

    Traveling in Europe sucks… If you are a Jerk. Recently I had a friend traveling with me for two weeks.  For two weeks she was a source of amusement.  For two weeks her Americanism was showing… More than that, for two weeks we were jerks. Coming back from our whirlwind adventure I spotted a local community newsletter insisting that we should hide our Americanism by talking in whispers and making an effort to NOT wear our Captain American t-shirts out in public… Oops! It turns out that we were both total failures.  We were jerks. I laughed at the newsletter.  I laughed at myself.  I laughed at my friend.  We had plenty of reasons…

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