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    Word of the Day S.H.I.T.

    Last weekish I offered a personal word challenge and invited you to join me.  If you need a reminder of why we are doing a wordy post linkup, please see the original post: Sweet Honey Iced Tea Basically I’m making an effort to learn new words in the hope that it will help to rewire my brain.  If nothing else, by participating we will all have more words to express ourselves.  Which brings us to today! The Linky rules are very simple. You can use the words I share with you or share words you are learning.  At the beginning of each month I will share a collection of words for…

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    Sweet Honey Iced Tea

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin As part of a personally prescribed therapy I began cursing without reserve two years ago. The other day Honey Bear chuckled after I let loose a rhythmic stream of profanities.  I asked him what was so funny. “If I had a clicker to count how many times you cursed – my hand would get a workout.” I gave him a wry look out of the corner of my eye. “From the girl who never cursed in her life to a girl who curses worse than a sailor – it’s frickin entertaining!” From his point of view I was a goody two-shoes. From my perspective, I had never…

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