Laughing Out Loud

The Bunny.

When you have kids… When you have four kids… it happens.  Happy sounds will make you question your sanity.  The shrieks of delight.  The laughter that never ends.  When your attempting to focus on using your brain for the powers of good, those happy noises can cause your eye to twitch.  If this happens, you really only have a couple of options…

  • Scream at the top your head. (Look really crazy for maximum effect!)
  • Send everyone to their rooms.
  • Bribe children with sugar.  (This will only work as long as mouth is occupied.  Hyper Happy activities will follow.)
  • If there is an adult to hold down the fortress, run away to a safe location.  (I recommend Starbucks.)
  • Place head on table until headache goes away.
  • Place head on table until coffee arrives.
  • Summon the forces of reason…

Minions! Gather here!

Once they assembled I gave them a pep talk.  It went something like this;

When Mom is trying to read and your happy is too loud, Mom’s ears hurt.  For example Mom is trying to read “The bunny hops through the forest.”  When your happy is too loud all Mom can read is “The bunny…  The bunny… The bunny…”  See?  The bunny never gets to hop through the forest and it hurt’s Mom’s ears.

The minions gathered before me giggled at my pep talk.  Silly Mom and her Bunny.

Sugar Free BunnySuper HQ Wallpapers

Please be considerate of those around you… I silently begged as they scurried off to their happy activities.  It’s not the first time I have ever said something about their ability to deter my focus.  Usually I try to explain that they are interrupting my radio signals.  It doesn’t help that they have no clue what a radio signal is OR that my “helpful” demonstration looked like I was being electrocuted…

This was the first time I had mentioned the bunny.  It came out of my mouth.  I meant that as an example and not as a mythological guilt trip which may end in the demise of a favorite holiday.  I was worried about how the kids would take what I said… kids don’t always see things so logically.  Or do they?

What I learned was that Mom’s ears doesn’t mean a hill of beans.  On the other hand my minions decided that the fate of the bunny’s hop was at stake.  If the bunny doesn’t get to other side of the forest the whole world will come to an end.  What will happen?  My best guess is that all the love will run out and we will be bunny-less.

We must never let that happen under any circumstance!

Now every time my kids see me studying, they ask me how that bunny is doing.  Which of course makes me giggle with them.  I am not sure if I will actually get any work done that way, but at least somewhere there is a bunny hopping through the forest…


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