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Thank you for the Good Stuff

I ran my personal race to finish this leg of the journey.

I have been running it for what seems like a very long time.  Life has so many distractions that demand us to pay attention.  Some of those events gave little or no warning.  Still you keep going.  You find another way to make it happen.

The moment that I thought would never come had arrived.  I finished and pressed submit.  As I waited for the confirmation I shared carrot cake pops with my family and then took them out for a little Trick or Treating around the block.  I snacked on candy corn and waited.

Fall is not official in our house until I have nibbled on candy corn.  

Fun fact…The last two courses for my degree was powered by candy corn.

Finally the confirmation came.  I did it.  I won my race.  In the months to come there will be time to order my cap and gown.  For now I decided extra snuggles with my minions was the best way to celebrate.

Sunset 1

To be honest there were moments when I thought the world was dark and purposely trying to frustrate me… I would see a beacon of good will.  I would see a serving heart… and it brought me joy.  At one point I thought to remove myself from Facebook completely.  I had removed it from my phone.  I figured the next step would be to remove it from my life.

I was removing anything that was not uplifting or helping me reach my goal.  I could not afford to be surrounded or bombarded by negative people.  That was a distraction that I could not afford.  Facebook is one of those places that lets it all hang out.  Sometimes the things I would see would break my heart.  Sometimes it would incite me to join a conversation I probably should have left alone.

At one point I was ready to walk away.   As I worked on my presentation about the value of social capital, I came upon a new perspective.

I realized if all I was willing to see was the negative stuff, I would miss out on the good stuff.

  • Good stuff like a friend and her son asking friends to help them reach their goal to donate or make 300 pajamas for kids at the hospital.
  • Good stuff like a friend who put together a suit collection drive to help veterans who need something to wear to a job interview.
  • Good stuff like a couple of friends who also finished their race and now have a degree they are proud of.  A funny coincidence but all 3 were B.S. degrees in Business Administration.   😀
  • Good stuff like a friend who started a crowd fund to finance her dream to help provide services for Americans with disabilities.

I saw the stories of friends who started new projects.  I saw joy.  I saw happiness.  There was sadness and pain but there were so many more willing to help then to hurt.

I realized that if I didn’t have Facebook I would never had seen such amazing stories.  Maybe I could be content with that. Maybe if we all lived in the same neighborhood and on the same street I would have heard about it another way…

The truth is the demands of military life calls us to places far from home.  Heck even as a civilian you go where the job is.   Communities of old relied on a telephone tree or a town house meeting.  Our schedules no longer can support that.  Our way of life demands something new to feed the social interaction we need as human beings to thrive.

There are so many things that call on us to move apart.  Facebook happens to be the one place that makes the miles melt away.   It allows us an opportunity to see the hearts of others.  With that said, it is a tool.  How you use it and who you are connected to can make a difference in the quality of those relationships.

I want to thank you for sharing those stories with me.  Thank you for being a part of my community.

When you rise to the occasion.  When you serve your community, you give permission for others to do the same.  You inspire them to act on their heart’s desire to serve.

Run your race.  We are running with you. 





3 thoughts on “Thank you for the Good Stuff

  1. Kimberly Kline

    Congratulations on your graduation Christine! Many times it does seem we are bombarded by the sad and tragic news, or just the plain old meanness of some people. However, that is when more than ever we need the good news and encouragement that comes from connecting with others. I have found that much like with the evening news, I need to choose to focus on the good that is out there and not the bad. I am happy that you have found the same!

    1. winkeysolutions

      Thank you!

      Your right Kimberly! We each are our own reporters, and we determine what we share with others. We are each a part of the process! I am glad that you are part of my community!

  2. […] 4. The next day a friend who went with me to my graduation in Atlanta a couple years ago re-shared the video from her timeline.  Totally made my day remembering that I actually did important things. I did it. I won my race. […]

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