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This post is about You…

There are a couple sides to this story.  The people who buy stuff, the people who sell/advertise stuff, and the people who can do the most good.

Putting America on the right track means we call out the hypocrites… and then we take each other arm in arm and treat the disease.  We overcome it with choices we make everyday.

My fellow Americans, I don’t want to call you a hypocrite…

and I have a feeling you don’t think it applies to you, but here is how it does…

… if you complain about minimum wage in America and then around and buy the latest Frozen dress through a co-op that orders the cheap dresses from China…. You are the problem in America.

Maybe you think you it’s okay to buy your cloth diapers from a sweat shop overseas.  You save a dollar today. Hey you are only one person so it shouldn’t hurt anybody, right?

Sort of like the car in front of me this morning who threw a piece of silver looking trash out their window.  It hit my windshield and I thought, Wow.  Only one person.  The side of the highway told me a different story.

… If your quality of living so low, that you have to shop that way to provide for your family, then maybe it’s time to be honest with yourself about living within your means.  Rethink what really matters to you.  What would you give up to really have what you want?  Will your child really remember having had or not had that outfit?

Don’t get me wrong I did join a couple of the co-ops in an effort to save a buck.  What I was expecting was a local scale of economy, basically someone local or something made by Americans being sold in bulk. Or maybe something that wasn’t being sold well and was now offered in co-ops for a good deal to clear out inventory.  Instead I saw custom made to order knock offs.  What shocked me more was the type of people who actively participated, advertised, and encourage this kind of underground economy… the hypocrites.

Ok maybe you don’t really do that.  This post is still about you.

Before you congratulate yourself for your patriotism… Have you ever tore down someone who purchases shoes or a shirt that benefits people in a different country?

Felt they should have benefited someone in your own country?

You ARE a hypocrite if the next words out of your mouth is that the unfortunate people and depraved in America should have figured out how to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.  You basically believe that there are no poor in America or at least none deserving of aid… When in reality you are bitter because no one is giving you a pair of nice shoes or a free meal.

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You fail to live your own principle because in your heart you are selfish and egotistical.  That kind of hypocrisy is often fueled by the wrong kind of energy.  What you do when no one is looking defines you.  You are expressing your soul.  We see it manifest around you as positive or negative energy.   If it’s ugly no amount of make-up will cover that up.

Let’s take our focus to higher grounds.  Allow me to remind you that What you do and say in public should bring us together.  Build us up.

So here I am talking about you… yes you.

You are the person who signs up for the SEARS Wish Registry and then complains what a terrible program because you didn’t make it OR because it was less money then what you think you should have gotten.

I am glad they are discontinuing the program with so many ungrateful bickering about what they deserved to have gotten… only because they are the same ones I hear talking about how other Americans are less deserving.  Your behavior each year embarrassed us.

Sears Heroes Wish

I simply don’t believe that military members are more privileged than the average citizen in America.

We don’t deserve something different.  We signed up to serve.  We chose to be here.  We are not necessarily looking to be thanked.  Now as a spouse I also was free to chose that the man I married was someone who was serving their country.  So why would I demand special privileges or thanks?  Hey it’s difficult.  I get it!  You came with a certain set of expectations… and then got a rude wake up call.  A topic for a post on another day.

What I want to see is Sears or any other organization who wants to help military families go directly to the base to improve housing, or morale through MWR, or activities with ACS (Army Community Services, each service has their own version of a community service program).  I want to see them help Gold Star families more because if there is anyone in the military that deserves it, it is them…

Then I want to see them do it for people in the communities where their stores are at.  Eventually your military families become civilians again.  We should not forget them and we should not forget the civilians who also could use the help.

So here I am I challenging you to make America a better place.

First stop using the word Hero.

Find another word to celebrate your champions.  The one thing I have learned is that the real heroes HATE to be called that.  I just hate how loose the term has become.  Even “heroes in the community” often feel undeserving of recognition because they see that word associated with those who gave their lives or those who save lives.  Set a new standard and celebrate it.

Then. Match a week of purchases and donate to a local charity group or struggling families identified by the city.

And as a bonus add a stipulation that everyone who receives the gift take a pledge to volunteer or serve in a city-based project.

Trust me.  Those who are truly in need… Those who are truly grateful want to give back.  Give them a way to do it with their dignity intact.

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