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Through the Lens 7/16

Welcome to our very first ‘Through the Lens’ post!

This is a scavenger type post that will run through the rest of the month.  With a focus on mental health and personal well-being.

When this Linky runs  it will have a subject or theme.  Hopefully one that will inspire you to think about what makes you happy, and one that will encourage you to take the time to capture those memories.  What is a Linky? It is a method where you can grab a URL or upload a picture that adds to the conversation.

Through the lens July

Memories that might not mean as much today as they will later on…

When I was in some of the deepest and darkest trenches of my life, I felt utterly alone.  I couldn’t remember that I was happy.  It was too hard to see the world in a different light.  I truly struggled to see good in the world.   In my world and the world around me.

Until I realized that I had made it through because of photos others had taken and shared with me.  Photos that reminded of the complex and beautiful nature of life. Looking at the photos made me feel like I was Alice.  There I was staring into a mirror where another world played out before me.

Suddenly I felt happy because the memories were being reflected back to me!  It was my own personal time capsule, with a hidden message just for me.

Freedom of the soul

How could I have forgotten?

I knew the first excuse was that I believed I never had a camera fast enough.  That I had trouble remembering to take a picture until the moment had whizzed past.  That even if had taken a picture, I was deeply disappointed in the quality of the picture.  Finally, that I didn’t have the skill to take a decent picture.


To be fair I didn’t always have a camera.

And after a computer crashed, taking all the memories and effort to capture those moments with it… I decided it didn’t matter, because I believed I would always remember.

What I didn’t take into account was that I really have no control how my brain stores and retrieves that information.  Which is why when it mattered, when I needed it the most, my brain failed to render critical information for the sake of my own well-being.

Be brave be authentic

Once I understood how important it was to take the time to capture these moments, I purchased my own camera.  It was time to invest in me and my future.

Because not only did it remind me of who I was or where I came from… but where I still needed to go.

Which is why this month’s theme is about Zooming in on Yourself.  I hope you will join me in this challenge to discover or rediscover yourself through the lens.

Through the lens July Instagram

You are invited to participate by sharing what makes you happy!

You may upload or link to what inspires you to take a fresh perspective on life.

It can be a quote, it can be the URL to your Instagram account, it can be a snippet of the memory book you are working on.

…and if you haven’t done anything recently for yourself, then this is your chance to do something about it today!  Go ahead and capture the moment… to remind your future self that you are worth it. wink wink

Zooming In 
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