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Tokens of Love – A Wink & A Nod

Earlier this week Neko lost a lot of motivation to do any form of journal writing.

Hey! I am not looking for perfection over here, but I do need to see some effort.

So I asked him if he was interested in making another comic strip.  He was excited about that, until I told him he would need to draft the strip in his journal… Mwhahaha! 

He looked at me in protest. I simply explained that all comics go through an editorial process… and this is what he came up with.

A Wink n A Nod Feb 3 2015

Rootbeer is his preferred method of payment for babysitting or random tokens of love.  However, it turns out rootbeer is more expensive and harder to find when shopping locally. (There is a kinder malt beer that kind of reminds me of a carbonated sweet molasses – and next trip I want to pick up the caramel flavor! -If only to collect all of the Lord of the Rings trading cards that come with it…)  His 2nd favorite token of love? BBQ chicken wings.  😉

Sooo… the next day I did have to do some shopping.

Having seen the inner workings of my son’s mind AND having reminded him 3x to do his chore… I hid the game system’s controllers before heading out.

See? I can make my point without yelling. 

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Don’t you agree?

I must admit that I was not motivated to pick up any rootbeer that day – but his sister who accompanied me lovingly remembered her siblings.  She picked out Star Wars & Frozen themed jelly beans for an after dinner treat.

I on the other hand brought home books and a couple of magazines for the minions.  Which is pretty much the same as rootbeer. Don’t cha’ think? 😉

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