Wandering Unicorn Loot

I believe in unicorns.

Up until the last couple of years I have kept that knowledge as a secret and unicorn sightings were pretty rare.  So you can imagine my surprise this summer when unicorn merchandise started turning up in force.  It started with the Starbucks announcement in April that they were selling a limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino.  I was sad I wouldn’t be able to try it.  My beautiful cousin in California purchased one and messaged me with every sip of her experience.  I sat in anticipation as it started off sweet and then quickly turned sour.  There came a point when enough was enough and we had to call it quits.

It was a noble effort, and we should all thank Tiffany for taking one for the team.  THANK YOU Tiffany!

I was hoping that this concoction symbolized more than a means to torture baristas, but no unicorn merchandise was forth coming.  Instead they have taunted me with flamingos.  What is that all about? 

I would almost say I waited in vain.

Except I live in Germany.  The Germans decided that they could do better and unleashed their unicorns.

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Need an energy drink? 100% unicorn! 😉

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Unicorn sighting galore! Cakes, cereals, and toilet paper.  Last night I spotted a unicorn gluhwein, who wants to try that for me?  I mentioned to a couple of friends that I wanted to throw a little unicorn tea party and thankfully they humored me.  I picked up a unicorn cake and a platter of delicious cream horns from our local Globus, which were a big hit!

With all these unicorn sightings, how could I not pick up a few goodies to share with you?

That’s why today I have two boxes filled with Unicorn goodies up for grab!

Good Luck 😉

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