What’s Wrong with MY resume

My friend Marla, at Write My Speech, tells us that the reason we fail at interviews is because we forget to sell ourselves.

When you’re interviewing for jobs, you’re giving a presentation – about YOU! Though it’s not the same as giving a speech, an interview and a cover letter to your resume are presentations about what you can do for the employer.

True, in an interview you’ll be talking about what you’ve done.  That’s what everyone does.  But to have an edge over other candidates, continue on and show how you can transfer those skills or strengths to the new job responsibilities.  Talk about the “you” (the employer) and what you’ll do for them.

Whats wrong with my interview
Marla recently helped a young friend with her resume and cover letter.  Her letter was weak in that every sentence started with “I” (and it also repeated much of what was in her resume.)  She concluded by saying that the prospective job sounded like fun (that’s about her) and that it would be a good experience for her to have on her resume (selfishly about her).  This is not what employers want to hear.  They want to know how you can meet their needs, so sell it!

A cover letter should be brief and concise (well under a page).  Just like in a speech, give three main points.  They can be strong attributes about you, major or relevant accomplishments that transfer to the new job, or experiences that highlight your use of the skills they’re looking for.

In an interview, you have to assertively sell yourself.  Rather than start everything with “I,” replace as many of those with “you,” showing how you’re thinking of addressing their needs and making them feel your focus will be on helping them meet their business goals.

With this knowledge I bet you will sell yourself much more effectively!

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