Where I Found My Happy

Last month I focused on zooming in on what makes me happy.  I knew it was going to be a challenge to take time for myself, especially because I knew I would be on the road… but I thought it would be easy!

I mean I already had a go-to list of things that made me happy.

  • anything and everything purple
  • unicorns
  • Hello Kitty
  • chocolate
  • the smell of books

Or so I thought.

I certainly love these things! Thinking or seeing this kind of stuff can make me squeal with delight or bring a warm cozy feeling, but by themselves they don’t represent my happiness.  All month long I thought about finding my happy place. What would it look like? Would I recognize it if I found it?  How long would it last?

By accident here is where I discovered my happy place;

When I needed to chill out

I found relief between doodles.  I am an amateur sketch artist.  I have no clue what I am doing.  The sketch is my clay and I strive to figure out how to best form it.

I found my zen when I scribbled.  There were a couple times where I was about to lose my shi…take. Thankfully I found my trusty notebook and pen, whipped it out, and ranted between the lines.

When I needed some “me-time”

I scheduled it in.  I realized I had not finished the series of pre-paid art classes gifted to me as a Mother’s Day present.  It was a perfect opportunity to “make me” take time for myself.

I closed the door.  I like to keep the door open to my office open so I can be available to everyone… but the problem I kept running into was that it sent the message that I was always available to them.  Which left me no peace of mind.

When I was traveling

After the moment had passed.  Several times I found I only recognized it after we left a city in favor of a new one. Initially I didn’t see it, but thankfully I wrote myself little notes on the train about what I observed about myself.  As I started to review my notes for anything blog worthy the clues started jumping out at me….

Exploring random places in a short period of time revealed a shocking but subtle truth about my happy place.  I could find it anywhere and any place as long as it brought an experience that would stimulate me!  I always found it in the moment I took time to explore an idea or concept that made me more aware of the world around me!

Doing something fun wasn’t enough.  It may have been enjoyable but what made it wonderful was the other person… not necessarily the act itself.  For example getting my nails done was pleasurable, but at some point it becomes maintenance and not joy when certain elements were missing.  Like a stimulating conversation that made you think or the kind that encouraged you to learn something new.  Like a walk though the woods so I can hear myself think.

Where I lost it

When my patience wore thin.  I learned that my happy place can absolutely be destroyed if I have to repeat myself… even if that communication is essential to getting things done, it makes me feel as if valuable time was lost.  It seems the older I get, the less patience I have.  Nothing could be worse than chasing drama and smacking out little flames that were unnecessary to begin with.

When I don’t take time to honor it.  It turns out if I don’t take the time to appreciate it, it becomes a little harder to recognize it when I do have time.  I get it.  When we are on a time constraint or you have minions gambling for your attention it’s a little difficult to hold the moment.  In short it makes me a grumpy, angry unicorn.

In fact I’m a firm believer that for every schmuck that robs someone’s time, a unicorn dies. And I mean the happy ones.

unicorn dies

Coming face to face with those external pressures I can’t always control, I know that I need to empower myself to save the happy.  Or resign myself to never be happy again.


Save the Happy

My happiness is dependent on my ability to explore and to continually add something to my experience as a human being.  Your happiness maybe dependent on something utterly different than mine.  Whatever form your happy takes, embrace it.  Then do two things.

Protect it

Make more time for it… on purpose

2 thoughts on “Where I Found My Happy

  1. Alicia Reynolds


    What an excellent blog post. And a great way to remind me while i’m on my new adventure in Hong Kong! So, I looked back at my journey in Korea and realized a few things:

    1) Just like you said about the manicure procedure…much less a chore and more like a social event with a friend. I can’t wait to do girly stuff like this with you! It’s the best time 😀 It’s just boring without you.

    2) I’m most happy while immersing myself in nature, or in cultural activities. My favorite places in Korea were the traditional village where I participated in a tea ceremony and the palaces. Walking into the palace grounds I felt like I was stepping into a fairytale. The grounds are picturesque, the trees are beautifully manicured and usually quite old, and of course the palace structures are ripe with history and old grandour. The tea ceremony was calming, and the tea was delicious. There was a purpose in each slow movement, and we took the time to really savor the tea as it brewed into the different stages.

    Oh a final note…honestly though, I kept thinking of how much you would have liked it here, and how much I would have liked to share the experience with you. You were missed my friend!

    1. Keep On Winking with Christi

      I have to agree a manicure is not the same without you! Can’t wait to see you again, because the adventure is always taken to a new level with you! 😉

      But now I worry that any tea I make for you will not live up to your expectations!

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