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Winkies’ Wrapups Dec 3rd

Hello Winkies,

Today we spent the day in downtown Wiesbaden.  We spent almost 45 minutes looking for parking.  In the past year I find the best time to visit, is during the week day.  This is because I am banking on everyone being at work so I can find a parking platz with ease and have plenty of space to walk at our leisure.


Apparently the Sternschnuppenmarkt, or the Twinkling Star Christmas Market, is not your unusual festive fair.

It is not the biggest event I have seen downtown but it is worth the effort.  Mainly because I do enjoy the Christmas theme and that makes it hard to resist.

As we walked around I took notes for a future evening getaway trip with Honey Bear.  What can I say? The ornaments and scarves caught my eye!  In addition the soup booth appear to be popular among the locals.

I do know that if it is this busy during the day, the night life would be insane. For the next trip down it would probably be best to walk or take the bus.  For now the kids enjoyed their first flammkuchen.  Let’s not forget a Weihnachtsmarkt trip is best with a steamy cup of kinderpunsch!

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Wait, that is not all!

Returning home, I discovered that my guest post at EatSleepLoveTravel (ESLT) was published!  One of the things I love about Vicky and Chris over at ESLT are their regular features of different travel bloggers.  I discovered that not only are they avid travelers but Vicky will often share her favorite tea services!  Be still my heart!  Have I told you that I have a secret desire to make travel plans based on tea shops and libraries?  Well, I do!

Can you do me a favor?

I would like them to know I appreciate the honor of being their guest.

Please take a moment to read my interview at Guest Post – Keep On Winking.

Then kindly leave a comment under the post or share with a friend.

Thank you!

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