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Witches Market in Idstein

Dear Winkie,
When I heard about this Medieval Hexen Market in Idstein my interest immediately perked up.
How would this be different than any of the other weekly or weekend markets?

On April 11th we decided to see for ourselves and entered the palace’s outer courtyard.  Immediately we went to the left and were greeted by food, drink, and vendors displaying their wares…

To add to the festive nature of the affair were those who demonstrated their craft. If you are looking for some homemade items, you should really come here!

Sadly, I did not budget well for this. Much to the delight of my husband, I had to pass up the opportunity to bring some of these items home with me. *sigh*

I loved how much each person gave themselves to their character.



Including this wonderful witch whose appearance first scared Lil Man.  When she realized we didn’t understand she attempt to use English.  The children immediately overcame their shyness and fell in love with her.

Crossing the bridge over to the church, we were treated to a children’s theater that featured a magic show. A show they performed in the rain! Talk about staying on schedule!  You should know that there was a full schedule of entertainment for 2 days in various areas – we happened to attend on the Saturday portion of the event and had an amazing time!

While we watched the show we indulged in our first cherry beer and apple wine (that I have yet to find a suitable replacement for!).  Man was that an experience… I doved in the “line” and did my share of elbow wrestling with the local patrons.  If you try to leave room for personal space someone was bound to take advantage of it!  I wasn’t sure if it was worth it until I had my first sip… then I knew why it was so popular!

I was also able to score the minions their first taste of apfleschorle.  A mix of apple juice and carbonated/ mineral water.  Easily a favorite for everyone!  On our way out we decided to climb the Hexenturm or witch’s tower.

I really enjoyed the colorful market but it was very apparent that we were missing out on some amazing storytelling. Time to work on our German!

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