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Life Quotes

Let your Light Sparkle ;)

Who has inspired or encouraged you in your life? Did you ever tell them? I am inspired by authentic people (whether I agree with them 100% or not) sharing real moments and feelings. Why? It seems like we live in a society that bullies or tries to destroy any one who is imperfect or portrays […]

Laughing Out Loud

Comic Relief

For the better part of a year I have been wanting to share some of our giggles and some of our struggles in a more lighthearted way… Keeping in mind I personally have no artistic talent… and I have no idea where to begin any such talent… So for now I’m testing the idea out at ToonDoo.  So […]

Living Your Life

The Walls We Build

A couple of weeks before my 10th birthday the Berlin Wall fell. I saw it on the T.V. and asked why so many people peacefully gathered to destroy a wall. I would spend the rest of my life asking why so many people allowed the walls to be built in the first place… And how […]


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