Finding the Right Tools

Now I just didn’t pull this out of my behind. (continuing from The Walls We Build)

I hit rock bottom several times.

Having been brought up steadfast in the teachings of Christ I often turned to my Bible and the teachings of my church leaders.

They became the bedrock of my values that I strongly identified with. It nourished me and helped me to keep going.

At one point I did want to give up.

And then I changed my mind. Because your mind… your attitude is a powerful thing.

I learned that I could not sacrifice my authenticity even when the circumstances sucked.

In other words “Faking it until you make it” will only get you so far before you have to face the facts. You must stay true to who you are and be honest with what your experience is… if anything is to improve.

I opened my heart. I allowed myself to be vulnerable. It was scary living a life without walls. It made me a nicer person. I was more compassionate, more understanding, and I found my capacity to love enlarged.

I wondered if I could share what I had learned. Would we be better off if more people were authentically sharing… if there was more transparency in our dealings with each other?

Repeatedly the answer was yes.

I asked the universe what I could do next, to help others meet and tear down the walls that make us weak… I should have been careful about what I was asking. I was not prepared for the shell bombs and it took me a year – almost two to crawl back to the surface and remember what that was all about.

You get tired of hitting that rocky bottom. Even if you got further down the road this time than the last one…

It sucks the soul out of you. With no proof of the end you wonder if it is worth it. What happens when you are in a place where you are about to lose hope… OR when there is no hope?

You discover universal truths. The spirit within us testifies of the truth. Some truths are harder than others to swallow.

During that time I found I gave into bitterness. I lost a lot of enthusiasm. The bible lost its ability to solely comfort and guide me. I watched the world with different eyes.

I absorbed all things that spoke truth of the spiritual nature of our world and what was good for the soul.

Over and over again I saw 3 things that made the world a better place LOVE – HOPE – PATIENCE

I also saw and experienced many times where people went out of their way to squash those 3 things for their personal gain. Making the world a darker place.

It was then that I realized that I needed to reconnect with those values and to find people who wanted to rise higher.

Who wanted to overcome and keep on going. Even when the odds are against them. So long as it was for a noble and worthy cause.

I avoided confrontation because it often did more damage to relationships and progress. Though there are times when we must pick up the Sword of Truth and fight to defend it, I would rather pick up my Tool Belt and fix the original problem… With a group of people on the same mission as me.


Because the people you are with can influence the level of positive energy you have.

They reflect and amplify who you are. So what are you amplifying?


So if you have been paying attention you will noticed a bit of rebranding to reflect this renewed mission.

In turn empowering you with the tools to strengthen your relationships and use your relationships to overcome the walls in your life!



If you would like me to talk about a particular obstacle in your life in my next blog post, please email me at winkiecrew@gmail.com

I promise you. You are not alone AND someone may need to hear about what you’re going through or how you dealt with it. Your story can empower someone to confidently make a decision or find the hope they need to endure. I dare you to give a wink and spread the joy!





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