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There are too many distractions that make people believe they are powerless. It’s one of the reasons I choose to blog.  To give hope and share positive energy where ever we find it.  Sometimes we find it at the end of a bumpy road.  That’s ok too.

I don’t know if that means it will inspire anybody today… but it will one day. I don’t even know which story will do the job.  What I know is that one day I am going to print off these blog posts, with all the comments, into a book.  Each of my kids will have a copy and it will live on for generations.  I have always wondered what my parents and grandparent thoughts were or what they believed… did those thoughts or beliefs changed?  What was their story?  While I know a part of my mom’s story… a lot of it is now lost.  I was going to write it all down, even the hopes and dreams that will never be…

I can continue beating myself up about it but in the end all I really can do is tell my own story and share the stories around me.  It’s not perfect but it is what I can do now.   A 100 years from now it will be the most important story they will share and there is no shame in being authentic.  The story can be sassy, sweet, sad, meaningful… or it can simply show the world how we lived.  What we dreamed and hoped for…  A future Anthropologist will get a kick out of it.  I promise.

So with that in mind I welcome you to the porch. 😀

I only have one rule:

Bring your own beverage or you will be stuck drinking whatever I have on hand…

Sometimes it’s the Good Stuff and sometimes it’s water.

eyes on you

So I’ll ask you a very revealing question… What story have you been sharing lately?

In the meantime I think it is fairly safe to talk about our “Winkies” and anything thing else that make us happy. .  For a little perspective I recommend High Tech, Low Life.  We were able to score a little bit of couch time and selected this from the documentary line up in Netflix.  If nothing else it will help you appreciate the life you currently have here in America.


On a walk downtown with a handsome man I happen to know, we came across a charming bookstore that seemed to be held together by the books.  Books spilled out onto the floor and circled antique looking couches.  I couldn’t help but feel that if I touched the right book that a secret entrance would reveal itself.

The book I picked up this week is Big Fish: A novel of Mythic Proportions.  Sometimes great books can get lost.  Sometimes it takes a local book shop keeper to tell you in his own words why you should read it.  I am not reading it because I thought the movie was great.  I am reading it because this is the first work of fiction I have read in a long time.  The last book was a Terry Pratchett creation.  I tend to enjoy business or personal growth books… and bibliographies.  This time I guess I was looking for a friend and a change up in my reading.

Big Fish

Favorite place to grub this month was The Cannon Brew Pub.  Why?  Hands down it would be the home brewed Rootbeer.  A close runner up would be their sunspot ships.  I could eat those all day.  Of course it might have been the company.  Everything tastes better with good company.


Understand one thing.  My kids think Christmas will always be tomorrow.  I think this is pay back for singing Christmas songs all year around.

Note: Christmas tree is apparently going upstairs.  The decorating committee apparently got together and decided if they clipped this to the board I would be properly informed…

Pre Christmas

Well I think that we have reached the bottom of my cup!  What are your pick’s this week? 

More importantly… what is in your cup?


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