2 thoughts on “Patient Zero

  1. Justine Pretorious

    Fun! I have been drawing since forever. I don’t consider any of my sketches to be all that great but it does connect me with the creative child within me. Art has always been a part of me and I want to do so many things I can’t seem to decide where to start. Now that we are settled into our new home I plan to make it more of a priority.

    My husband Eric gave me the best gift ever for Christmas! It’s a book of doodling! It’s called Zensperations Letters & Patterning by Joanne Fink. You should check it out!

    1. Keep On Winking with Christi

      The idea came to me when I was going through some old school folders. I found a sketch book my parents didn’t know about and I had forgotten about! I loved the feelings I get from the doodles, why did I ever stop? Oh yeah because I was told to grow up and put away childish things. pffft. Shows what they know! 😉 That doodling book seems right up my alley – into the Amazon cart it goes!

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