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    4 Things about Community Events that Disappoint Me

    In our wonderful community here in Wiesbaden, there is a regular opportunity to experience the diverse culture our military represents or encounters. When I first arrived in Germany I didn’t know there was anything but brats and fried potatoes to experience. Turns out it is as common as hot dogs and French fries back home, so making a decision on German Food on such a narrow idea is going to leave you disappointed. There is something else that disappoints me.  I really have waited to speak about what’s bothering me.  I wanted to give it a chance to tell me I was wrong.  To prove to me that it was more…

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    Why I Survived Depression and Choose to Live

    Wow. I ran across an emotional post from a year ago. (Down the Rabbit Hole) A post that had ties to a more difficult time. I realized I left a lot of things unsaid. Mostly because I wanted to be a 100% sure I had moved passed it before I talked about it. I discovered that depression is not something you can give up when you’ve had enough.  It was easier to ignore and live with it.  It was like a friend who comforted you by telling you the world was a cruel place.  You shouldn’t dare hope for anything better.  This is all there is. Except I do remember…

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    The Walls We Build

    A couple of weeks before my 10th birthday the Berlin Wall fell. I saw it on the T.V. and asked why so many people peacefully gathered to destroy a wall. I would spend the rest of my life asking why so many people allowed the walls to be built in the first place… And how we can tear down the walls in our own country. From then on I watched every debate that I could. Not just snippets from the evening news. Sometimes it sucked watching the whole thing, but I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth. I wanted to come to my own conclusions. I strongly felt…

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    Carnage in the garden of Eden…

    I am the bringer of death. This year we have more butterflies visiting us.  Which is exactly how I planned it!  So far the ones with vibrant blue and pale yellow coloring have caught my breath. Now they are going to die. Because I thought it would be cool to plant these purple budding bushes that attract them.  It’s all my fault.

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    Drug Me

    I can’t take it anymore. I can tell you with certainty that if we had stayed with public schools we would have been pressured to drug our kids. And I might have buckled…  If I did not discover that each of my kids are individuals who have personalities. I decided my kids were not to be drug experiments of the medical industry.  NONE of these drugs have a long track history and we don’t know how it will affect those who take it.  Watching my youngest brother go through the different prescriptions and listening to how it made him feel…  It is not what I want for my children.

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    Remembering Daisy

    *** Warning this is a Sad post *** Here is a little Pre -Intro to the Real Blog I have to confess, that death doesn’t affect me the way it might for others. Maybe its because I compartmentalize it. Maybe its because when I see a dead body its because I know their spirit is no longer there. (Thanks to picking up road kill and seeing decomposed bodies as a Police Officer) I know that what I see now – this is not essentially them.  It is their mortal shell they have cast off. Regardless I am always sad to see a life taken ~ Truly. I know that if…

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